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I’m Leonardo Diaz. So many tours offer the same canned experiences that I wanted to do something different. I wanted visitors to be able to experience the real Belize. The beauty of its locations and people off the well-worn roads. Of course, I offer fun and educational tours such as zip-lining, cave tubing, city tours, and archaeological tours. The difference is that I don’t follow the crowds.

I have painstakingly sought out unique locations and relationships with the intention of creating truly distinct experiences for the guests I host. Experiences that are not only exciting while you’re here, but ones that have a more meaningful impact even after you’re back home. Join me on your next Belize adventure!
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Altun Ha consists of two plazas that include four ceremonial temples and two residential complexes. It is one of the few Maya sites in Belize where guests can still climb. The highest ... moretemple is approximately 16 meters. It was considered one of the wealthiest Maya sites in Belize because the biggest carved Jade head was found in the masonry temple which is the highest temple.

The length of the tour is approximately 4 hours. We pick you up at the Tourism Village at Terminal 1 and we drive for about 50 minutes on the Northern Highway. We take a detour for about 14 miles as we travel through a dense forest before we arrive at the ancient city of Altun Ha.
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The best! Tailor made tours, great package value
Leonardo initially helped us by agreeing to drive us from Orange Walk to San Ignacio and then do the cave tubing and zip line tour from there the next day. We learned so much about Belize and the environment and culture during the drive that we asked him to return again for a driving tour through Belize City on the way from SI to the airport. Leonardo made stops for us along the way that we would ... more have never seen otherwise, and we learned that he’s not only knowledgeable about a wealth of topics, but has a deep love for his countrymen and a desire to share that with visitors. We had an amazing full day of zip lining through Jaguar Paw and floating along Cave Branch and into the caves privately. Leonardo scheduled it to avoid the crowds so that the entire excursion was serene and quiet. He pointed out small wildlife and even told us a story relating to the legend of certain cave formations. We turned off our lights and felt the darkness and quiet in the large chamber, and ran our hands through the short cave waterfall. Leonardo was very safe with COVID practices, wearing a mask throughout the drives and providing sanitizer before and after each excursion. He was exactly on time for all 3 points of pick up at our accommodations, and so kind and easy to spend time with that we left having made a good friend. Don’t hesitate to book him!
Best Tour Ever!
Wonderful, knowledgeable, friendly, and punctual: these are the first of many complimentary words that come to mind regarding our tour guide, Leonardo Diaz, in Belize. My friend and I thought it would be nice to hire a local (native) tour guide to avoid renting cars, hiring taxis, and dealing with finding all the places we wanted to go. We were concerned about using someone not associated with a tour ... more company, but after seeing the excellent reviews on Trip Advisor, I contacted Leonardo. He was responsive and answered my many questions in multiple emails. We were met at the airport by Leonardo with a sign with our name and driven to San Ignacio. We stopped for a late lunch on the way, off the beaten path in a cozy open local establishment. Leonardo stopped at an ATM and supermarket at our request before dropping us off at our AirBnB the first night. Every morning (5 total) he arrived to pick us up on time, at our agreed upon time and took us to our many destinations. He is a licensed tour guide, by the Belizean government, which required studying local flora, fauna, culture, and history. He was very knowledgeable about the sites we visited and answered the many questions we asked about flowers, trees, wildlife, culture, etc. As agreed, he provided water and lunch each day, and all fees for the sites and activities we attended. We were driven around in a full-size van with air conditioning! By the end of our tour, both my friend John and I considered Leonardo a good friend, not just a guide. I highly recommend him without reservation. Kristen