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We are dedicated to helping you plan your Belize Vacation with the most successful and memorable outcome. Our Third Party Liability Insured fleet will get you to your lodging destination in a timely & dependable manner. Our team of professional Licensed tour guides have well over 10 years’ experience and are certified in CPR and basic life-saving skills.

With our carefully selected list of hotels/ lodges/ resorts, you can count on us to plan the perfect all-inclusive package to suit your budget and personal preferences.

By booking with us you’re making a positive impact on the lives of many underprivileged families in our many underdeveloped communities. Read more HERE about how we’re making our first steps onto the responsible tourism arena and we’re inviting you to share with us in the joy of giving.

If you are an organization who brings groups on mission trips to Belize on a regular basis, we’d love to partner with you in providing excellent group transfers and accommodations at per-person rates inclusive of breakfast, taxes, & use of conference facilities.

We are based on Mile 2 1/2 Benque Viejo Road in San Ignacio, Cayo, the heart of Belize’s Mayan Adventure World – This is our Meetup/ Pick up point for tours but we can also pick you up at your place of lodging within a 2-mile radius of San Ignacio Town.

Contact us for any questions you may have about traveling in Belize, what to do, or where to stay. We’d be happy to assist and if you’re looking for a beach and jungle combo destination package at great deals (inclusive of transfers, activities, and accommodations) we’ve got just the right connections and are flexible in meeting your budget.

We look forward to welcoming you and showing you the best of what “Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret” has to offer you!
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BARTON CREEK is a living cave in that it is still growing and developing with 10ft of water flowing constantly throughout. The ancient Mayans believed that their Gods would reside ... morein such places and Barton Creek Cave in particular because of its abundance of water. The Mayan God Chaac (God of Water) was believed to occupy the cave, whenever the Mayas were going through a draught or needed a rain god for crops they would go into Barton Creek and sacrifice young virgins who were thought to be suitable gifts to the Gods. The Mayans believed the cave was an opening or gateway into the underworld and treated it with great fear and respect.

BIG ROCK FALLS: Deep in the escarpment of the Mountain Pine Ridge, Big Rock Falls is another of the area’s waterfall treasures. The tremendous view of water rushing over the huge 150-ft rock formations and plummeting into the deep perfectly round pool at its base provides a rush of excitement. You won’t regret stopping by to take a nice cold swim, which you will definitely enjoy regardless if you are on your own, with someone or with your family.
Departs From:
San Ignacio Town
Getting There:  Your adventure begins at 8:00 AM with a 45 minutes’ drive on the George Price Highway with another 30 minutes’ off-road to the parking lot. ... more

From the parking lot, we have a 45 minutes’ jungle hike toward the cave entrance, crossing a knee-deep river 3 times along the way- enjoy the scenery.

At the cave entrance: 
Upon reaching the mouth of the ATM cave, your guide briefs you on the cave’s historical facts while you gear up with helmets and headlamps. The hike inside the cave entails a very short swim of about 30 feet across at the very entrance of the cave. For non-swimmers, there is a by-pass around the corner of the cave’s entrance through which you are assisted by the guide. For the rest of the cave length, it’s mostly wading through the water no deeper than chest-height (at average height) at most. Admire the myriad cave formations along the way until reaching the hidden dry chamber where amazement awaits you.

In the main chamber: 
To get to the main chamber, you'll climb over some rocks providing a staircase to the chamber. Once in the chamber, you’ll be asked by your guide to take off your shoes and walk with only your socks on your feet. Here your guide explains the Maya rituals while you awe at the magnificence of this ancient tomb and its grandeur.

You’ll be amazed by all the Mayan artifacts and remains freely scattered throughout the cave as your guide explains how they got there and what lead to this shocking massacre in such a remote location. Walking farther into the cave, we’ll reach a higher but smaller chamber accessible only through the use of a man-made ladder. This is where the prized, intact, crystalized skeletal remains of the Crystal Maiden lay. Take your time, to sink in the reality of what lies before you.

After being saturated to capacity with astonishment, we make our way back out of the chambers and the cave. (the way back out always seems so much shorter than the way in). We then hike back onto the parking lot, where the guide will provide you with your lunch as you discuss the reality of what you’ve just witnessed inside. You may choose to change into your dry clothes before or after lunch (your choice). After lunch, we board our vehicle and head back to San Ignacio arriving around 3:30- 4:00 PM.
Departs From:
San Ignacio Town
Xunantunich was the first excavated Mayan site in Belize that was opened for the public. Though it is smaller compared to the other Mayan sites, it consists of one of the tallest structures. ... moreThe huge statue of the Sun God, El Castillo, and the 130-foot tall pyramid are a couple of structures that attract visitors. Xunantunich means “Stone Woman” or “Maiden of the rock” in the Yucatec dialect. These names are derived from the image of a woman depicted in one of the paintings.

Cave Tubing: Take a refreshing ride on inner tubes down the Caves Branch River and through a series of Ancient Mayan Caves for an incredible experience. This tour is perfect for families with older kids, especially as an escape from the Belizean heat.
Departs From:
San Ignacio Town
Xunantunich: Getting There: The adventure begins at 8:00 AM on a mere 10 – 15 minutes’ drive onto the village of San Jose Succotz. Here you will cross the Mopan River via an old-fashioned ... morehand-cranked ferry and onto the site's parking lot.

At Xunantunich: Upon arrival at the site, you’ll be amazed at how impressive the Temple of El Castillo (the main temple) actually is at a remarkable 120 feet in height. Pay close attention to the history of this once royal center of ancient civilization as your guide walks you through the site. Feel free to climb to the top of El Castillo if you’re not afraid of heights. There you’ll have a jaw-dropping panoramic view of the surroundings which encompasses part of Guatemala, Benque Viejo Town, and San Jose Succotz among other areas.

Be careful coming down from the pyramid as you make your way over to the ancient ball court. Imagine the excitement happening in real time as your guide paints a vivid picture of how the popular Mayan game of Pokatok was played. On-site you may get to see spider monkeys and, depending on the time of the year, even howler monkeys. An on-site museum will give you an overall idea of this ancient city’s actual size.

Big Rock Falls:

Starts: 1:00PM Ends: 5:00PM 

Getting There: After Xunantunich, you'll make your way onto the Mountain Pine Ridge road en route to Big Rock Falls. The drive is about 45 minutes on a partially paved road, the farther section of which is dirt.

Along the way, you’ll pass the villages of Cristo Rey and San Antonio. These are small settlements of mostly farmers along the Macal River. Along the way, your guide would normally point out to local flora and fauna such as Toucans, Roadside Hawks, Iguanas, and Medicinal Plants and trees.

At the site: The parking lot approximately 5 to 8 minutes’ walk from the waterfall so you'll want to take everything you’ll need with you for an enjoyable time at the waterfall. From the parking lot, you’ll be walking through a little trail which leads to quite a steep climb down to the river valley. Flip flops are not advisable for this part of the trek. Once you’ve made your way carefully down that cliff, the delightful view of water rushing over the huge 150-ft rock formations and plummeting into the deep rounded pool at its base provides a rush of excitement. 

You won’t regret visiting this site for a nice cold swim amidst the scorching Belizean heat. You may choose to swim all the way up to the waterfall but try to contain the temptation to climb up any of the wet rocks, or do so at your own risk, they tend to get very slippery. Your guide will allow you ample time to swim or bask at your own leisure until you're ready to head back to San Ignacio Town.
Departs From:
San Ignacio Town
Getting There:  Tour departs San Ignacio Town at 8:00 AM. You'll embark on our journey out of San Ignacio on a 1 hour & 15 minutes’ drive along the George Price Highway (paved ... moreroad) until arriving at the junction of the Jaguar Paw Cave Tubing outpost. The site’s parking lot is another 10 minutes or so on from the paved road.

At the site: 
Make use of the expansive restroom complex to change into your swimwear. Your guide then walks you over to the tube racks where you’ll pick a tube of your choice. You will be provided with life jackets, helmets, and headlamps.

Geared up, you will embark on a 45 minutes’ hike across the clear green Caves Branch River. A rope at the crossing keeps you from straying. The water is waist-deep, normally. After the river crossing, you'll hike a jungle trail heading upstream. Your guide will point out interesting aspects of the local flora & fauna as you trek through – a perfect time to take out your cameras (preferably waterproof).

After a briefing on the proper safety techniques, you'll set afloat through a series of caverns which periodically open up to the sunshine & jungle. Your guide will occasionally point out various Maya artifacts within the crevices of the caves. Depending on time availability, he may allow you to disembark your tube & walk up for a closer look into hidden chambers of the cave which are normally not explored by many other companies or cruise ship passengers due to time constraints. 

After Lunch, you'll walk back to the parking lot where you'll board the vehicle and head back to San Ignacio via the George Price Highway, arriving around 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Departs From:
San Ignacio Town
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