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Cheryl R
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1 hour
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Mangrove Resort and Marina
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Bioluminescence, Caribbean Sea
  • Nocturnal Wildlife Spotting
  • Star Gazing
  • Swimming
  • Bioluminescence
Set out after dark to explore the beautiful and peaceful Sittee River under a sky full of stars. Belize has many nocturnal creatures that come out after dark to the riverside to eat and drink from the river. Use high powered flashlights to spot the eyeshine of crocodiles, kinkajou, coatimundi, raccoons, birds, resting iguanas, and much more!

The second half of this tour involves cruising through a hand cut path from the river into the mangroves where you can spot resting bats on the sides of the trees and then out into the Anderson's Lagoon which boasts bioluminescent plankton that lights up with any disturbance in the water. It is magical to see fish darting away from predators and the boat as you cruise along. The water also glows behind the boat as the prop wash activates the chemical reaction which causes the plankton to light up. This is so interesting and intriguing to visitors that a swim in these waters is almost irresistable so wear your swim wear and bring along a towel. Also you may want to wear long pants and sleeves  or bring a can of insect repellent for before and after the tour as there may be biting insects at the dock.

This tour is seasonal and affected by rainfall and the moonlight so we only schedule during optimal viewing times. We want to offer the highest quality experience at great value.

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  • Flashlights are provided.
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  • Long sleeved shirt and pants
  • Swim wear
  • Beverage
  • Insect repellant
  • Camera: for the wildlife spotting portion of the tour. Images of biolumescence is almost impossible to capture and we ask guests from refrain from using cameras in the lagoon.
  • towel
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All marine charters and tours leave from a property on the Sittee River located approximately 3 miles south of the main intersection in Hopkins.
There is free parking if you have a car and you can find the departure location on Google Maps under "Mangrove Resort and Marina".
If you do NOT have a car we are able to assist with providing ground transport to our boat for $7 US per person.
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Daily, starting Jan 1, 2020, until Jan 9, 20206:00 PM1.5 hrs
Daily, starting Jan 1, 2020, until Jan 9, 20208:00 PM1.5 hrs
On Jan 23, 20206:00 PM1.5 hrs
Daily, starting Jan 24, 2020, until Feb 8, 20206:00 PM1.5 hrs
Daily, starting Jan 24, 2020, until Feb 8, 20208:00 PM1.5 hrs
Daily, starting Feb 21, 2020, until Feb 22, 20206:30 PM1.5 hrs
Daily, starting Feb 23, 2020, until Mar 10, 20206:30 PM1.5 hrs
Daily, starting Feb 23, 2020, until Mar 10, 20208:30 PM1.5 hrs
On Mar 23, 20206:30 AM1.5 hrs
Daily, starting Mar 24, 2020, until Apr 8, 20206:30 PM1.5 hrs
Daily, starting Mar 24, 2020, until Apr 8, 20208:30 PM1.5 hrs
Daily, starting Apr 21, 2020, until Apr 22, 20206:30 PM1.5 hrs
Daily, starting Apr 23, 2020, until May 8, 20206:30 PM1.5 hrs
Daily, starting Apr 23, 2020, until May 8, 20208:30 PM1.5 hrs
Happy Go Luckie Tours is a small, Belizean owned marine tour operator based in Hopkins, Belize. We are committed to offering our guests great service and good value for their money. ... moreSafety is our number one priority. We love what we do and look forward to spending time with people who come to discover Belize in a gentle and authentic way. Happy Go Luckie Tours is committed to providing tours in a way that lessons our impact on the environment while providing rich natural and cultural experiences.
Safe, Fun and Professional. Specializing in private marine charter tours for small groups
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Creole, English, Garifuna, Spanish
Frequently Asked Questions
We believe in the highest quality tours at Happy Go Luckie Tours and thus we only operate this tour on the darkest nights during the dry season. The bioluminescence is not visible during the rainy season and we must be well into dry season before conditions are favourable. Once conditions allow we schedule the tours around the moon phase to take advantage of the darkest nights.
Both tours are pretty much the same. We just want to provide guests with options that will fit around their dinner plans and accommodate as many guests as we can while keeping group sizes small. Some operators only offer an early tour so the late tour may be less busy.
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  • Cancellations made 15 days before will be fully refunded except for a service fee of 3%.
  • Cancellations made 7 days before will be refunded 70% of the amount paid.
  • Cancellations made at a later date will not be refunded.
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Cassidy K
We had a great tune. The guide and the captain we’re knowledgeable and very accommodating. We have two young children and a teenager. They were all three captivated by the entire tour.
Unique Experience but logistics could improve
We were really excited to see the bioluminescence and the algae did not disappoint. Unfortunately, it was only a small portion of the experience. Our impression was that the bioluminescence was the main event but at least 2/3 of the time was spent exploring the river in the other direction looking for wildlife, with only the very end being at the bioluminescent lagoon. Additionally, there were not ... more enough spotting flashlights to go around and half the ones that were there were only partially functional so wildlife spotting was mostly a bummer as it was difficult to catch eye glare without personally having a light. The guide seemed ok but never introduced himself to us or asked our names, even when I asked if we needed to check in somewhere (we drove ourselves so didn't get picked up by the tour group). Just didn't seem terribly welcoming because of this. Lastly, tour participants had to hold red and green lights toward the front of the boat as 'running lights'...just get some lights on the boat! There are enough people taking tours that installing the proper safety lights shouldn't be difficult. We would go to the tour location again, because the algae were really cool, but we wish we'd been told in advance that it was really mostly a night spotting tour.
Flee K
Response from owners
This review is very curious. Flee booked through this site and the tour is clearly described as being half wildlife spotting and half bioluminescence viewing not to mention this guest corresponded via email and made a visit to our office where the tour was discussed. To say the bioluminescence is “a small part of the experience” is just inaccurate. Many people love the nocturnal wildlife spotting ... more as Belize has a lot of nocturnal wildlife. It would be a much easier tour to just take people to the lagoon and take their money but we want to give our guests good value for their money so we include the spotting portion. We are disappointed to know she did not enjoy it. We have very good quality tactical flashlights that use rechargeable batteries. This is unique on our tour as other operators often do not have this type of light or the guide is the only one with a spotting light. All of our lights are functional. This guest was offered a light but she didn’t want one. It is true that the running lights stopped working earlier and we didn’t have an opportunity to fix them before the tour Flee was on. The only time Luckie needed running lights was when he was travelling to the lagoon as there is plenty of lights on during the spotting and the boat is visible in the lagoon. This means he did ask the guest to hold up our flashlights with green and red filter for safety for the 5 minute ride to the lagoon. We apologized for that inconvenience. Also Flee’s original booking was for the night before and we had to cancel due to rain. I’m quite sure she would have been further disappointed had we cancelled due to the issue with the running lights. We pride ourself on keeping our guests safe and we take safety seriously. In retrospect perhaps we should have cancelled rather than inconvenience our guests. All our guests have the option to have ground transport or drive themselves, Flee chose the latter option and drove herself. The private property is small and there is no “check in”. The guests are greeted at the boat and there is a tour briefing at the beginning of the tour where Luckie introduces himself, the boat, safety equipment on board and introduces the tour followed by a lesson on spotting the wildlife. It is possible he was a little off his game that night as he had been working since 6:30am that day and this tour started at 8pm. He does love the night tour and enjoys introducing this experience to guests so he was sad to see Flee’s comments about not feeling welcome. He is committed to making sure nobody else feels that way and we are sorry. Typically he doesn’t work such long hours as we have other guides to help out when a night tour series is on but that day it was not possible and he had worked 2 half day Barrier Reef tours followed by the two night tours. Flee’s tour was last. We truly try to make all our tours feel like the first tour though and are disappointed the tour didn’t live up to Flee’s expectations. We sincerely hope you won’t let this guest’s review prevent you from this wonderful experience with one of Belize’s most talented and well trained guides. Luckie has been guiding for over 15 years and started his career as a PADI certified scuba instructor which involves a high level of training and risk management. He takes his job seriously but is also fun loving and environmentally sensitive.
Bioluminescent Lagoon
We truly enjoyed this. Luckie is very knowledgeable, has great eyes for spotting the animals. Anderson Lagoon and the bioluminescent was excellent. Fairly priced, money well spend.