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New Health Advisory Effective November 28

By 11/28/2020

The Ministry of Tourism and Diaspora Relations asks tourism stakeholders to take note of the most recent Quarantine Regulations (SI 170 of 2020) by the Minister of Health and Wellness, that goes into effect as of today, November 28, 2020. In summary, the key requirements affecting the tourism industry are:
1) Curfew will now be from 10 p.m. until 4:59 a.m. starting on November 28th and lasting for 21 days.

2) All Foreign Tourists are required to reserve or book their stay at an approved Gold Standard hotels or tourist accommodation only.

3) All Foreign Tourists are required to download and register their information on the Belize Travel Health App prior to arrival or upon arrival to Belize, they shall maintain the app functional throughout their stay in Belize, and are required to keep their mobile device with them at all times.

4) Transportation of Foreign Tourists should be done only by [Gold Standard] authorised means of transportation by the Belize Tourism Board. [Browse Transportation Options]

5) Restaurants that can provide open air, outdoor or al fresco dining may offer dining-in services, by reservation only, for no more than 50% of its seating capacity. All other licensed restaurants are to offer take out, delivery or drive through services only. [Browse Restaurants]

6) No more than 10 persons shall be gathered in a public place or public space at a time.

7) All persons entering and remaining in a business establishment shall wear a face mask or other face covering, and adhere to social distancing measures, with some exceptions.

8.) All bars, rum shops, discotheques, night clubs, gymnasiums, casinos and gaming establishments are to remain closed.

9) Spas shall remain open and receive clientele by appointment only, and with only two customers within the business establishment at a time if the square footage allows for social distancing.

10) All land and sea port entry into and exist out of Belize shall remain closed, with some exceptions.

Remember to stay updated on official information concerning COVID-19. Visit the Government of Belize Press Office website at www.pressoffice.gov.bz; or the Facebook pages for the Ministry of Health, the Director of Health Services, and the Government of Belize Press Office; or call the Ministry of Health’s hotline at 0-800-MOH-CARE.

[Continued discussion from Episode 28] Belize is open for travel! The Belize International Airport reopened for inbound tourism on October 1st, 2020. In this episode, we continue our ... moreconversation with Misty Michael from the Belize Tourism Board to discuss the Belize Gold Standard program for Health and Safety, and why it is important to ensure safety for guests and residents alike.
Guest Name:
Misty Michael

Ministry of Tourism

We also are staying with friends in the mountains and have a private car. Can we do that or should we stay home
Hello, I going back to belize but I don't have a gold star hotel. I have my own house is there any forms I need to fill?. And also my state don't have pcr test results in 72 hrs, only 3to4 days.and the apps giving me issues downloading it can I bring the QR code on paper or screenshot?