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Incredible Mixology Lesson at Ka'ana Resort in Belize!

By 1/5/2019 3 minutes

If you are looking for an interesting mixology 101 experience near San Ignacio Town in Belize, then Ka’ana Resort’s Destination Cocktail Night is the perfect activity for you! This ranks as one of the best things to do in Belize if you have some extra time to spare during your stay near San Ignacio, especially if you’re not into the bar scene but still enjoy the occasional libation with friends. You’re on vacation, after all, so you might as well indulge yourself!

Several places in Belize are starting to offer these types of learn-and-do experiences, and this is one you should definitely check out when you're staying near San Ignacio town in Belize.

Our Mixology lesson at Ka’ana Resort

Offered by Ka’ana Resort, one of Belize’s top boutique resorts, this mixology lesson is a fun evening activity for travelers and locals alike. My partners in crime tonight were Pablo and Luis. Our mixology lesson began with a tour of Ka’ana Resort’s perfectly manicured grounds and their organic garden.

We got to learn about some of the herbs grown on site and used to make most of the drinks and meals at the resort.

The Wallace, Ka’ana Resort’s bar and lounge area, is warm and inviting with its perfect ambient lighting and soft music playing in the background. Indulge yourself on a unique cocktail (or a few) from the bar for a perfect Belizean night.

Our mixologist for the night was Miguel! He is very charismatic, as most bartenders are, and he is very passionate and proud of the drinks he creates. One of the unique things at Ka’ana is that they use all fresh ingredients grown on the property.

Before we started our lesson, I had expressed my preference for “virgin drinks”, so Miguel gave me the option of preparing mocktails (faux-cocktails) such as ‘Sweet Corn Colada’ or a ‘Berry Blast’.

Shake, Stir & Enjoy

I chose the berry blast, which is a mocktail mix of fresh blueberries, mint leaves, and 100% natural pineapple and lime juice. Miguel had me put all the ingredients in the cocktail shaker before I muddled the blueberries. I scooped 2 rounds of ice before closing the shaker with its lid and started to make long shakes. This was “hard” work, but it was a lot of fun!

Miguel showed me how to properly shake my mocktail by holding down the shaker to make sure that the lid doesn’t fall off. He showed us how to do long shakes over the shoulder so that the ingredients can incorporate well together.  After all the shaking (and some sweating), I felt like a professional bartender already.

Taste Test!

My creation was sweet and refreshing! After all that work, it was even more refreshing to sit and enjoy my creation. Nothing makes you appreciate something as much as when you make it yourself. Of course, you need a good instructor...and Miguel was an excellent one at that.

I liked the combination of the pineapple and lime juice; I also tasted notes of the sweet blueberries - so good! For someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, I enjoyed mixing up my own concoction of fresh fruits, local herbs, and natural juices.

An adorable and eco-friendly touch to my mocktail was the little hay straws that they had at the bar table top.

After I had graduated to “professional mixologist”, it was Pablo’s turn. He opted for their signature “How About The Hibiscus” drink, which was an alcoholic drink on their cocktail menu.

The ingredients for this drink are vodka, muddled cucumbers, mint, pineapple juice, and sorrel bitters. To complete the drink’s aesthetic, Miguel cut a couple slices of starfruit and placed them on top of the glass.

The look that Pablo gave after his first sip was a look for pure bliss. He and Luis shared the glass and before I knew it, the cocktail was done. That’s how I knew, the drink was really good. Pablo said it tasted very tropical and would be the perfect drink to have after a day tour to the neighboring Xunantunich Maya ruins.


The blueberry blast is a refreshing drink I highly recommend for anyone visiting Belize who doesn't drink alcohol. The bar has many options of alcoholic and non-alcoholic tropical drinks.  The berry blast is a delightful non-alcoholic drink to have in Belize. If you want a little buzz for the night, Pablo and Luis strongly recommend the What About The Hibiscus cocktail! You should definitely try this one the next time you’re at Ka’ana.

Where is Ka’ana Resort?

Ka'ana Resort is located just a short 10-minute drive from San Ignacio Town on the George Price Highway heading towards the Western border.

You can get to Ka'ana Resort by private vehicle, rental, shuttle, taxi, and public bus. You can also be transferred directly from the airport to the boutique resort through a private shuttle or from the resort themselves if you’re staying there.

Tip: Belize Ground Shuttle offers airport shuttle service to and from Ka’ana

What is the cost of a destination cocktail night?

The cost of Ka'ana Resort's mixology lesson is $100 BZD per couple. The cost includes the lesson and 3 drinks of your choice. The best part is getting to make the drinks yourself! There are many tasty combinations that you can choose from the menu. Anyone that’s old enough to consume alcohol in Belize (18+) can make reservations for a mixology lesson at Ka’ana Resort.

Note: The legal drinking age in Belize is 18.

You don’t need to be a guest at the resort to join the fun. If you're a guest at the resort, you can join in the mixology lesson when there is a destination cocktail night scheduled. You can ask the front desk for more information, and they may be able to schedule a lesson at a time most convenient for you.

When is the best time to go for a mixology lesson?

With a quick reservation, you can transform any night of your Belize vacation into a destination cocktail night at Ka’ana Resort. Your night will be filled with mixology lessons, lots of laughter, new friends, and tasty drinks!

Become a mixologist, even if it's for a few hours! You’re guaranteed to enjoy a beautiful and fun-filled night in Belize with this experience.

What to bring?

The only thing you'll need to bring is cash/credit card and good company! This is a great evening experience for couples during their honeymooning in Belize or a night escape from the active nightlife of San Ignacio.

What is on the drink menu?

The cocktail menu is only alcoholic drinks. Despite this, the bartender does accommodate for non-alcoholic “virgin” drinks, or “mocktails”. You can create a mocktail from a selection of fresh herbs from their organic garden and natural fruit juices. They are always happy to accommodate your preferences.

What is the legal drinking age in Belize?

The legal drinking age in Belize is 18 years.

What is the legal drinking age in Belize.
You must be 18 years or older.
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