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Inspiration comes alive at Ka’ana, a luxe outpost where wandering spirits roam free. Nestled deep in the tropical jungle of western Belize, our boutique resort is an oasis of style, culture, personalized service, and modern amenities for well-seasoned adventurers and tastemakers alike. Our location on the doorstep of an ancient Maya city has inspired Ka’ana’s name, which means “Heavenly Place.”

Belize is an adventurer’s paradise, with majestic jungle and monuments to a rich past at every turn. At Ka’ana, each tour is guided privately by an adventure specialist. Whether you’re thrill-seeking, bird-watching, history-craving, or all of the above, a multitude of exciting excursions await.
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Part of Ka’ana’s spell-binding magic is its deep roots in the Maya culture. Most of our guests are left with a sense of wonder at the rich history of the Maya people. If you can’t ... moreget enough and would love to experience Maya culture in a unique way, let us take you and your taste buds on a culinary journey!

Maya food is steeped in a thousand years of history and tradition. Maya cooks still use ancient methods to prepare flavorful meals for their families. In this class, you’ll create classic dishes like tamales, corn tortillas, and caldo using the fogon, an authentic Maya stove, in our remake of a traditional kitchen. Discuss techniques and flavor profiles of the Maya and then enjoy the fruits of your labor.
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