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Jorge De Leon, owner and operator of Lions Adventure Tours welcomes you to his humble family of tour guides.

Jorge (Lion) as he is known locally, is an advocate for conservation efforts in his region and specialize in Archaeology, ancient Maya cities and caves. Lion has been tour guiding well over 10 years in western Belize for well know establishments. During the earlier part of 2013 Lion decided it was time he ventured off on his own, so he start the company Lion Adventure Tours.

Since Lion learnt how the Maya hieroglyphs works he has passionately been trying to teach others and hopes to get his knowledge across to our generation. Today, our people can speak the language but have lost the ability to write it. He hopes to revive this lost art of writing.

Get to know Jorge personally as takes you on a tour in his all-terrain vehicle.

Lion: “Allow me to take you on an adventure, exploring the unexplored and discover the mysteries of Xibalba.
Do you have what it takes?”

This my friend is one tour experience you surely won’t forget.
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