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Aurora Saqui has bestowed the healing wisdom of her late Uncle Don Eligio Panti, a famous and world-renowned Maya Traditional Healer, also known as an h’men or herbal doctor. After 8 years of apprenticeship, he selected Aurora to assume his role upon his passing. She now operates her herbal clinic and provides health care to the residents of Maya Centre and surrounding villages. Aurora has recently authored a book, Ix Hmen U Tzaco Ah Maya: Maya Herbal Medicine, and is committed to preserving this important Mayan heritage for future generations. You can arrange for a consultation with Aurora at her clinic if you are experiencing health problems or want to support your wellbeing.

Ernesto Saqui is an avid conservationist and former director of the Jaguar Reserve for 15 years. As an expert naturalist, Ernesto often leads guests on nature or birding walks. He has also been a Maya leader for 26 years in his community of Maya Centre. A former teacher, Ernesto continues to educate about Maya Cultural traditions and founded the non-profit organization, Juuntulico’on, which means One People in Maya. His vision for Juuntilico’on has been to sustain cultural knowledge and traditions for future generations. Ernesto conducts Maya Ceremonies for different occasions, including Maya weddings, and spiritual cleansing for those seeking renewal in their life. Come, meet and share cultural experiences with this extraordinary Maya leader.

Ernesto and Aurora, both of Maya descent, have created a mosaic of fascinating learning experiences for their visitors. This includes traditional cultural activities such as Maya herbal medicine, spiritual cleansing and learning how to cook Maya dishes.
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Learn and experience how the Maya make their cultural food.
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Gather around the fire, while being spiritually cleansed by Ernesto and Aurora Saqui, performing a Traditional Maya Ceremony.
1. ​History of Maya Medicine 2. Garden Tour 3. Medicine Making
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Amazing Hospitality!
Mr. Ernesto and Mrs Aurora has been one of the most friendliest and caring host we've had so far, and we absolutely recommend to visit if you are visiting Maya Center or going to Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. The food, tours, and environment around is just a bonus with Mr. Ernesto and Mrs. Aurora.
Great service and experience!
Our overnight stay and on-site activities were amazing! Mr. Ernesto and Mrs. Aurora were super nice throughout our stay. Our meals were delicious and the gift shop is filled with interesting herbal and medicinal products made by Mrs. Aurora. We also did the Maya cooking, herbal medicine trail and traditional Maya ceremony - very interesting! Nuuk Che'il Cottages is a great place to stay to experience ... more the Maya culture or as a pit stop to the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary.