T'au Witz

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Stann Creek

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Tau Witz (translating as "dwelling of a local god of the hill") is a Maya site located within Mayflower Bocawina National Park. The site contains the unexcavated ruins of a 43 by 64 meter temple, along with a single stela and the site of a granite quarry, the only known quarry near the Mayflower Bocawina sites. The ruins are reachable by a 0.75-mile trail, signed as the Tau Witz Trail, which begins near the park visitor center and Mayflower Mayan Ruins.

Archeological artifacts make the site hard to date exactly, however, it is assigned to the Terminal Classic Period of Mayan architecture. Artifacts found at the site remain on display inside the park visitor center.
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Belize is literally filled with Maya Archaeology Sites! Whether it has been excavated or not, you can climb up a Maya Ruin in any region of Belize. Which one will you visit?
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