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Experience authentic, interactive lessons in traditional Garifuna drumming, dancing, drum-making and more at Warasa Garifuna Drum School.  Visit us in the peaceful coastal town of Punta Gorda.
Learn about the rich history and culture of the Garifuna while learning the different traditional drumbeats and dances that influence music throughout Belize and Central America.
Enjoy our spacious traditional thatch drum school in the heart of the Garifuna community.  Surround yourself with lush vegetation, see parakeets flocking around, hear sounds of howler monkeys nearby.
All just a 20-minute walk, 10-minute bike ride or quick taxi ride away.
We share the Garifuna culture with locals and visitors which helps to preserve the culture for generations to come.  We welcome guests of all ages and backgrounds.  Don’t worry if you’ve never done any kind of drumming before or if you think you can’t dance.  We welcome those with no rhythm, two left hands, two left feet, and of course those who consider themselves professionals.
Read about us in Lonely Planet,  Moon Belize and most other reputable guidebooks.  Also check our TripAdvisor reviews, Facebook reviews and Google+ reviews.
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Join one of the McDonald's family expert drummers and teachers for an authentic Garifuna drumming lesson under our beautiful thatch palapa on the edge of Punta Gorda town. Your teacher ... morewill give you unique insight into the history and background of this UNESCO recognized culture and music. He will then teach you the Paranda, one of the most well-known Garifuna beats, as popularised by the legendary Paul Nabor and Aurelio Martinez. He will then move onto the other popular beats in traditional Garifuna music, such as punta, chumba, hungu-hunga and gunjei, moving along at a pace that suits you. Your instructor will also sing the songs that accompany each traditional rhythm, allowing you to hear the enchanting melody and lyrics of songs handed down through the generations.

The McDonald family have all been playing drums and singing since they were young children and grew up performing with the family group, Umalali. They have also played along with Paul Nabor, Aurelio Martinez, Andy Palacio, and more modern Belizean bands including Sweet Pain and Griga Boyz. 
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Punta Gorda
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Warasa Garifuna Drum School, Saint Vincent Garifuna Block, New Road, Punta Gorda, Toledo, Belize
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