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5 Traditional Garifuna Dishes You Must Try in Belize

By 12/14/2018 3 minutes

For all the foodies out there! If you want to take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride of deliciousness, then you'll definitely want to try these 5 traditional Garifuna dishes! These are some of the best foods to taste in Belize!
  1. Sere
  2. Hudut
  3. Cassava Bread
  4. Sahou
  5. Cassava Pudding


Sere is a savory coconut and fish soup prepared with fresh coconut milk, okra, onions, cilantro and pan-fried fish. Depending on one's personal preference, some would add potatoes, cassava and other vegetables. Usually it is served with coconut white rice; but I prefer to have it alone and relish the deliciousness of all the ingredients in the coconut broth.


If you've had sere before, and loved it, then you'd also enjoy a hot bowl of sweet and savory Hudut. Hudut is also a soup dish that is a coconut broth (sere without the vegetables) served with a deep-fried whole fish, and mashed ripened and green plantain. To add a little kick to your Hudut, a trick is to add a generous amount of whole habanero peppers in the pot.

Chef Sean Kuylen
A journey through Belize with world renowned Belizean Chef, Sean Kuylen. Learn about the different cultural dishes that make up Belizean Cuisine.

Cassava Bread

Now, don't let the name fool you. Although it's called cassava “bread,” it's not like the typical soft and fluffy bread that you'd get from the bakery. It's has more of a chip-like consistency and texture. It is prepared from the cassava root that is grated, squeezed, sifted and cooked into a round, flat biscuit. The process of making cassava bread starts with grating the root. After the root has been grated, all of the shish is stuffed in a long, weaved strainer that is squeezed to get out all the moisture. The dried cassava shish is sifted to become a finer power. This powder is then generously scattered in a large, round comal that will be cooked until it becomes a stiff biscuit. During the cooking process, a straw broom-like utensil is used to sweep and smack the cassava power into the compacted treat. You can customize your flavors by adding seasoning to your cassava bread.


If you haven't tried sahou yet, then you're definitely missing out! It is a sweet and thick milky drink made from the cassava root. This tasty drink is made with cassava, condensed milk, coconut milk, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla extract. The result? A delightfully warm drink that is perfect for family bonding events or an evening alone with your favorite novel. Think of it as the Belizean/Garifuna eggnog drink.

Cassava Pudding

If you love desserts, then cassava pudding will have your sweet tooth satisfied! Cassava pudding is also called “plastic pudding” because of the somewhat clear appearance and gelatinous texture. It is sweet and will definitely leave your fingers sticky - a treat that will put a smile on your face!

Where to find traditional Garifuna food in Belize?

Since Belize is truly a melting pot of cultures, you can find traditional Garifuna food at restaurants throughtout the country but more commonly in the districts of Belize, Cayo and Stann Creek, and especially destinations like Dangriga and Hopkins. Often times these delicious Garifuna dishes are the special items on the menu that are only offered on specific days. During the times close to November 19, which is Garifuna Settlement Day in Belize, there is an abundance of these dishes being sold in restaurants throughout the country. Whenever you are in the country, traditional Garifuna foods are must-eats in Belize!

How much does traditional Garifuna food cost in Belize?

The price for traditional Garifuna food in Belize varies depending on where you are dining. Restaurants offering these tasty Garifuna foods that you must try can range from street-side restaurants to upscale, fine-dining restuarants. If you happen to be at a fine-dining restaurant trying out sere, for instance, don't be surprised to pay a little extra for your food. Keep in mind you're also paying for the ambiance and the luxurious experience.

Don't quote me on this but I'd say these are the average prices for tradditional Garifuna foods in Belize (based on previous purchases):
  • Sere: $10 BZD served with coconut white rice
  • Hudut: $12 BZD
  • Cassava Bread: $2 BZD for a little pouch of 2 cracker-sized cassava bread
  • Sahou: $3 BZD for a 12-14 ounce cup
  • Cassava Pudding: $3 BZD a slice

My favorite Garifuna dishes

I'm a huge foodie! I love and I appreciate all varieties of cultural foods in Belize. Living in Belize's melting pot of cultures, I get to tastes foods from the Mestizo, Garifuna, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and also the Maya people of Belize. These are some of the best foods to try in Belize! My favorite Garifuna dishes to have from this list are the sere and the cassava pudding.

There's just something special about a nice, wholesome bowl of sere and coconut rice that can be enjoyed on any night. And, to complement the savory notes of the sere, you get that much-craved sugar from the cassava pudding.

Have you tried any of these Garifuna dishes in Belize? Let us know what's your favorite or what you'd like to try in the comments! We'd love to hear from you!

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Punta Gorda
Join one of the McDonald's family expert drummers and teachers for an authentic Garifuna drumming lesson under our beautiful thatch palapa on the edge of Punta Gorda town. Your teacher ... morewill give you unique insight into the history and background of this UNESCO recognized culture and music. He will then teach you the Paranda, one of the most well-known Garifuna beats, as popularised by the legendary Paul Nabor and Aurelio Martinez. He will then move onto the other popular beats in traditional Garifuna music, such as punta, chumba, hungu-hunga and gunjei, moving along at a pace that suits you. Your instructor will also sing the songs that accompany each traditional rhythm, allowing you to hear the enchanting melody and lyrics of songs handed down through the generations.

The McDonald family have all been playing drums and singing since they were young children and grew up performing with the family group, Umalali. They have also played along with Paul Nabor, Aurelio Martinez, Andy Palacio, and more modern Belizean bands including Sweet Pain and Griga Boyz. 
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Come and enjoy a fun filled day on our Garifuna Cassava Farm Tour. Come witness the traditional life of our Garifuna farmers; maintaining endless rows of cassava beds and reaping the ... moresplendid crop from their labor. This wonder crop has been loyal to the Garifuna people since their movement through the Caribbean by being the main staple in their diet and can last up to several years without spoiling. Therefore, come and enjoy seeing first hand how to prepare cassava bread from the plant to the finishing product and also come enjoy the delicious byproducts such as the scrumptious cassava pudding.

The tour departs from Hopkins at 7:30 AM with an estimated pickup from your hotel at 7:15 AM

It includes round trip pick up and drop off at your hotel.

Estimated arrival time at the Cassava Farm will be 8:00 AM

Accompanied by a licensed tour guide, you will be introduced to the owners of the Cassava Farm

The owners will also be your instructors for the day as they take you through the amazing cassava mazes they have worked so hard to maintain.

After that tour you will begin the labor-intensive, yet very rewarding, cassava preparing process

That is followed by sitting and chatting with the Garifuna folk as you enjoy a wonderfully prepared and scrumptiously delicious traditional Garifuna cuisine

Ending with a tasting of all the byproducts produced by the cassava during that tour. Your sweet tooth will surely be satisfied as you get a taste of the mouthwatering cassava pudding prepared from scratch with all natural ingredients.

Departure time will be at 2:00 PM

Arrival at your hotel will be at 2:30 PM
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Learn about the many magical and beneficial properties of coconuts and the art of the traditional coconut milk extraction. Master the heat of traditional kitchen preparing a Garifuna ... moremeal over an open fire hearth rewarded by dinner and enjoying the labor of love! Delicious hudut!

Culminate your Garifuna Cultural Tour with a sensational drum roll- drumming, dancing and singing revitalizing your soul.
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Come visit Kalipuna Island located at the north-end of Hopkins Village Belize where you get to be immersed in our rich Garifuna Culture, parts of which has been proclaimed an oral ... moreand intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO. The historic island is home to Palmento Grove Garifuna Eco Cultural & Fishing Institute where the Martinez Family welcomes you to learn and have fun all in an effort to serve to preserve a rich indigenous cultural heritage. Join us on our authentic Garifuna Cultural & Culinary Adventure Journey offering an enriching vacation experience to all our guests. This tour is ideal for families, honeymooners, couples, solo travelers, students and mixed groups as it is very interactive and hands on. As our Cultural Guests, you get the beautiful opportunity to:

Dress in our Garifuna Traditional handmade & uniquely designed clothing that is best for the subtropical climate for the duration of your Garifuna Experience.

Explore the rich legacy of the Garifuna People via our Cultural Display Centers furnished with historical art pieces some of which are over 100 years old.

Get to uplift your spirit with the enchanting paintings of Isiah Nicholas as you explore our Spiritual Centre. We are blessed to house his largest art collection depicting a varying aspect of the Garifuna Cultural inclusive of the historical journey of our Garifuna People, our spirituality, music, and many of our indigenous art forms, all displayed in their rich & vibrant colors.

Learn about the many magical & beneficial properties of coconut trees & coconuts and the art of traditional coconut harvesting, husking, grating & milk extraction.

Walk with us through our herbal garden and cassava patch harvesting fresh food and herbs for our fresh, organic, healthy and deliciously made meal that is just awesome medicine to uplift your soul.

Master the heat in our traditional kitchen preparing a Garifuna meal over an open fire-heart. Your great reward will be the labor of your culinary love - Delicious HUDUT which is our coconut base chowder/ broth flavored with fresh herbs & sea fish of the day with pounded plantains & well flavorful seasoned fried fish; or any other Garifuna Dish of choice based on dietary preference!

Culminate your Garifuna Cultural & Culinary experience with sensational drum rolls learning the basic techniques of Garifuna drumming & Music & revitalizing your souls ultimately earning your delicious cultural dessert by way of participating in 45 minutes mesmerizing drum session.

Come enjoy a day full of learning, laughter and fun.. One worth sharing with the world!!!
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Southern Belize provides easy access to the magnificent Belize Barrier Reef, one of the largest and most impressive coral reefs in the world.Some of the offshore deep-water species ... morethat you are more likely to catch on a fishing tour: Blue Marlin or White Marlin Sailfish Tuna, Wahoo, Dorado, Kingfish, and Sharks, while in the shore, these species abound: Barracuda, Kingfish, Cero, Spanish Mackerel, Groupers, Dog snappers, Mutton snappers, Cubera snappers, Yellowtail Snapper, Bonito, Bar and Horse Eye Jacks, and Rainbow Runners.Fishing in Belize is a unique experience due to the fact the the Belize Barrier Reef is home to a plethora of tropical fishes on this fishing and snorkeling tour, your professional guide will bring you to amazing fishing spots where you will be able to reel in tasty specimens from sustainable species of fish.

Refresh yourself and snorkel while at it. it is one of the best way to stay cool in the tropics.

Join us in our preparation of the catch of the day barbequeing to perfection. Enjoy our local snacks, rum punch and lunch on island paradise!!!
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Belize Garifuna Cultural Tour The Garifuna make up just 8% of Belize’s population, but their unique culture has been recognized by the United Nation for its language, music, ... moreand dance. Originally from the island of St. Vincent, the Garifuna are a mixture of enslaved Africans who intermarried with indigenous islanders. After a failed uprising against the British, the Garifuna fled to the shores of Belize.

This tour takes participants to the village of Hopkins situated on the beautiful Caribbean coast of southeastern Belize. Participants will don traditional Garifuna clothing while learning about life in this traditional village and the history of the Garifuna people.

Participants will also work together to gather the ingredients and then cook a traditional Garifuna dish known as hudut. Hudut is the Garifuna variant of a coconut fish stew, cooking local fish in a creamy coconut milk mixture and then served with a side of delicious boiled plantains.

Following the meal, participants will enjoy a performance of Garifuna drumming and then learn to play several traditional Garifuna rhythms.
[Continued discussion from Episode 28] Belize is open for travel! The Belize International Airport reopened for inbound tourism on October 1st, 2020. In this episode, we continue our ... moreconversation with Misty Michael from the Belize Tourism Board to discuss the Belize Gold Standard program for Health and Safety, and why it is important to ensure safety for guests and residents alike.
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Misty Michael

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