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Delectable Belizean Tropical Fruits You Must Taste

By 9/2/2022 3 minutes

No Belize trip is complete without tasting some of the tastiest Belizean Fruits. While Belize is a tropical country, most of the local fruits are seasonal. But, that doesn’t have to stop you from trying these awesome Belizean fruits.

Here is a selection of must-try, diverse and delicious tropical fruits of Belize:
  • Cashew Fruit
  • Cacao
  • Mango
  • Banana
  • Soursop
  • Guaya or Kenep
  • Sapodilla
  • Craboo
  • Tamarind
  • Star Apple

Cashew Fruit

When we hear the word “cashew,” we often think of the delicious nut; but, let’s not forget that the fruit is just as tasty! The fruit is fragrant; and, when eaten raw, the flesh is sweet. This fruit is popular for making local Belizean cashew wines and other delectable treats. An annual Cashew Festival is held in Crooked Tree Village around the months of April and May.


Mmmm! The first thing that comes in mind when cacao is mentioned is chocolate. Sweet and savory, chocolate is only one of the delicious products that can be made with the cacao fruit. The flesh inside the pod is soft and fluffy with a sweet taste of lychee and honey. The beans are then used to make chocolates, cocoa powder and chocolate drinks. There is a Cacao Festival held in Punta Gorda every year in the month of May.


Belizean mangos are so delicious! This tropical fruit is one of those that are only available when in season. In Belize, there is a wide variety of mangos, from number eleven, hairy mangos to daddyfoots! A classic Belizean way to eat mangos would be sliced with salt and pepper. Yum! Mangos can also be used to make juice, smoothies and other sweets. Every year, around the months of May and June, Hopkins Village hosts a Mango Fest that kicks off the beginning of the mango season.


Bananas are one of Belize’s most prized industries. They are available all year round in Belize and can be found at any fruit stall or local farmer’s market. A classic recipe for bananas would be freezing them until hard then dipping them into a hot chocolate sauce. The results, savory and refreshing choco bananas! This year, the San Juan R.C. School is hosting the First Annual Banana Festival in June to celebrate all things banana!


Soursops are one of the mystery fruits of Belize. Its pulp is sweet and creamy while the exterior appearance is green and spikey – surely might scare you away from it. This delectable Belizean fruit is popular for making juice and ice cream but nothing beats a fresh soursop that has been chilled in the fridge on a hot day.

Guaya ("Kenep")

These are one the best to-go fruits! Guayas are seasonal fruits that are small, almost bite-sized, that can be sweet or sour depending on the ripeness. The flesh that surrounds the seed is often orange in color and has a delectable sweetness to it; but, watch out for the sour ones though! 


Sapodillas are decadent fruits that can make anyone’s day a better one. This brown, hand-sized fruit has deep orange-red flesh that tastes of brown sugar and pears. Sapodillas are also close relatives to the Mamey fruits that are just as tasty.


Speaking of another to-go fruit, craboos! These sweet and tart, bite-sized fruits are loved by Belizeans. They come in a variety of colors from bright yellow to orange and green depending on the type and ripeness. These are popular for making ice creams, shakes and local wines.


Tamarind is a Belizean favorite. Locally called “tambran,” this sweet and tangy fruit is available in pods or hulled at any farmer’s market in Belize. Its refreshing taste is popular in juice and tambran sweets.

Star Apple

Locally known as “caimito,” this delicious Belizean fruit is sweet, milky, and refreshing that will make you go grabbing for more! Usually green or purple in color, the pulp inside is jelly-like with black seeds. This fruit will have you devouring it like a beast, but be careful! The skin and rind is high in wax that it will leave your hands and mouth feeling sticky!

After reading about these must-have Belizean fruits, you should definitely go and try all of them. This is the perfect time to try these awesome fruits since it is close to the harvesting seasons. Go now to any Belizean farmer's market and try these fruits today...because eating is also Belizing!

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