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Why Belize Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

Kaitlin Narciso 4/23/2020 48 minutes

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In this episode, Kaitlin Narciso, a travel journalist from Canada speaks to us about her experience visiting Belize for the first time. Kaitlin writes for HOLR Magazine, and is an experienced multimedia journalist, content creator, and digital marketing strategist. Kaitlin discusses how she found out about Belize and why she had to put it on her travel bucket list. Hear about her experience in San Ignacio with her travel partner Jess Campbell, and what she thinks about the people of Belize and why they plan to come back. Kaitlin also tells us about her experience eating the local cuisine, and enjoying zip lining and cave tubing. She also gives us some travel tips and recommendations on what to pack when you visit Belize. Kaitlin published two articles about Belize in HOLR magazine after this trip, and she promised to return to do the ATM cave tour.

Read more about Kaitlin's adventures in Belize:

Visit her personal website: A Caffeinated Life!

Connect with Kaitlin on Instagram. @kaitlin.narciso

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Kaitlin Narciso

Experienced multimedia journalist, with a background in digital strategy and specialization in SEO-driven branded content creation. Through the written word, captivating still images, and video content, I tell stories of travel, culture, conservation, fashion, and entertainment.

I earned my Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) focused in Media from Western University and graduated from Seneca's Summer Institute for Multi-Platform Journalism. Moreover, I am a strong media and public relations professional

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