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Belize Punta Rock Music with Supa G

Lensford Martinez aka Supa G 44 minutes

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In this episode, we discuss the vibrancy and uniqueness of Belize’s music and musical artists. We are joined by Supa G, one of the most famous punta rock artists in Belize. We discuss the evolution of punta music from paranda to punta rock and Supa G's unique style that reaches across genres and has made him popular throughout the world. If you’re ready to dive into the rhythmic world of punta rock with Supa G, then this episode is for you.

Punta music originated with the Garifuna people and is deeply engrained in the Belizean culture. To learn more about how the Garifuna people came to Belize, download episode 25. Any Belizean who hears those drums knows exactly what to do. No visit to Belize is complete without listening to punta music. 

Supa G brings a unique flavor to Belize music through his fusion of Garifuna, English, Creole, and Spanish languages and influences from different types of music. He has been a musician for over 25 years. He comes from a music family and he brings influences from different genres and artists, including old time artists such as Jim Reeves, Kenny Rogers, and others.

We also talk about his historic music video that reached 1 million views on YouTube. For an independent Belizean musician, this is a big deal. He tells us about his creative process and exactly what Wadani Le means and the message behind the song.

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Lensford Martinez, better known as “‘Supa G,” is a musical sensation from Georgetown, Belize. Supa G exploded in the punta rock scene over fifteen years ago with hits like Muevelo, Party Insane, and Wadani Le - which has hit over 1 million views on Youtube! As a Belizean artist, Supa G’s music has reached a worldwide audience with a massive fanbase in the Caribbean, Central America, and North America. He stands in a category of his own due to his capacity to compose, arrange and sing tracks in English, Garifuna and Spanish when it comes to songs. Super G boasts numerous credits to his accomplishments. He is one of the most recognizable figures of all Belizean artists at home and abroad.

You can find Supa G's music on all major streaming platforms. 

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*Songs in this episode are used under the copyright fair use provision. 
Paul Nabor: Niri
Andy Palacio: Watu
Supa G: Wadani Le, My Hero, Drums

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Lensford Martinez aka Supa G

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