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Backpacking in Belize: A Brazilian quit Law School and now Travels the World

Mayke Moraes 48 minutes

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In this episode we welcome Mayke Moraes as he travels through San Ignacio Belize. Mayke is a backpacker and leads what he calls a detached and minimalist lifestyle. With his backpack on his back, he visits places and revisits dreams that were born when he decided to leave his comfort zone in Brazil to build memories instead of material riches. Mayke is an accomplished author and social media influencer. Belize is the 70th country he has visited toward his goal of 100 countries. Listen to his story and hear why he plans to come back to Belize again.

We met Mayke by chance as he sent us an email inquiring about some tours and telling us about his social media channels. He just happened to be in San Ignacio for a few days and had some time on his schedule to visit with us for a conversation about his journey. Mayke has a very interesting story. He tells us that about the tragedy of having his mother die at a young age, and how he attended law school in Brazil for three years before utlimately quitting and setting out to travel the world. 

This wanderlust spirit has been with Mayke since 2008 when he left his comfort zone to live for 2 years in Alaska. Since then he has led a nomadic life without a fixed residence. He backpacked through most of the US before moving to Europe (Ireland) where with a lot of effort, sweat and work, he began to realize his big dream of exploring the world.

In 2013 he beat several Irishmen in a backpacking competition and was selected to represent IRELAND in the final of a REALITY SHOW of a famous beverage brand in the city of Havana in CUBA. It was an international competition that brought together 17 other competitors from different countries. While he did not win the grand prize in that competition, he tells us that the experience of participating was amazing.

Mayke came to Belize through the western border with Guatemala, was spending a few days in San Ignacio town when we met him, and then planned to travel to Belize City and Caye Caulker before continuing on to Mexico. Mayke takes us through his journey as a backpacker and tells us exactly what's in his backpack....not much, and that's exactly how he likes it. 

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Mayke Moraes

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