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It's time for you to experience Belize in a different way! Belizing Experiences is Belize's one-stop Travel Fulfillment with a local authentic flavour! Looking for your next great adventure? We provide unique private tours specifically for you. Our travel related services covers any and all things to do in Belize. Experience Belize in a whole different way with Belizing Experiences! let's go Belizing!
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ATM Cave was first explored in 1989 and National Geographic produced a documentary about ATM Cave in 1992 called Journey Through the Underworld.... more

Actun Tunichil Muknal is one of the most impressive Maya ceremonial caves containing bloodletting altars used in sacrifices and over 1400 artifacts as well as human skeletal remains.

The Belize ATM Cave is a wet cave, where you swim into the entrance and then trek through ankle to chest high water before climbing to a dry chamber which leads to the cathedral or main hall. This towering chamber is 350 metres in length and 50 metres wide and filled with artifacts and the skeletal remains of 14 bodies, about half of them children. All of the skeletal remains are male except one completely intact female skeleton covered in sparkling mineral deposits, the Crystal Maiden. Other artifacts include large pots and jars, flute-like instruments and ground stones used for grinding corn and grains, suggesting agricultural rituals.

ATM Cave is considered the best Belize cave to explore. It is an extraordinary and rare opportunity to see ancient Maya ceremonial sites and altars as they were thousands of years ago, virtually untouched.
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