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Are you ready for Personalized Adventure! Book your customize/ all inclusive trip with Capt. Dermin Shivers and crew. Capt. Dermin Shivers also known as Dermin Shivers started his fishing career at the age of 18 years old with his late Grandfather, George Cabral. Grandpa knew he was a one of a kind guy as he would stay late nights and come home early with some big catch. Dermin passion started the day he was allowed to go fishing on his own. He would never come home!

As an adult he later met who would become his mentors for 15 years. The owner of Capt. Jak’s, Lucky & Erin Ivy. Lucky a hard core fisherman and Business Entrepreneur met the second love of his life when he met Dermin. They would go fishing back to back days and never get enough. He worked for Captain Jaks for over 15 years. He had the best fishing with Lucky Ivy. After Captain Jak’s was sold he decided to start his own tour operator in 2019. Based on his past reviews his continued support from his clients and the demand in his service, Dermin decided to open his own Tour Operator. Since then, he has evolved into his own business.

The Placencia Flats is not only a paradise for Anglers but also offshore and inshore fishing fanatics! Different size boats are also available depending on which fishing you choose. Our boats are equipped with livewell tank to keep your bait fresh and ready. The fish you target will depend on the distance and which type of fishing you choose. Placencia is known for the best fishing in the world. Our catch may include, permits, tarpons, bonefish, Mahi- Mahi, Sailfish, Tuna’s, Snappers, Groupers, Barracuda’s, Mutton Snappers, Cubera’s, Bonito’s and even Lobsters, Conch and Crabs!

Dermin passions extends to his staff as he provides hands on training to his support staff so they can provide that level of service in his absence. Its spectacular to spend a day with Dermin and his staff. 

Dermin will leave you with a unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime!
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