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Epic Mayan Tours have been offering excellent services to visitors from all over the world. We are a locally owned tour company and love what we do. Let us engulf you with our knowledge and passion and take you back to the place where our ancestors grew and develop the land we own today.
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Altun Ha is located just 31 miles north of Belize City on a two-mile-long dirt road that connects the site to the Old Northern Highway. It covers an area of about five square miles ... moreand was once a major ceremonial and trading center. Once home to as many as 10,000 inhabitants over a 1,000 year-long period of occupation dating back as early as 200 BC, it was occupied as recently as the 10th century.

Howler monkeys are found only in the rainforests of the Americas. They are the largest monkey in Latin American rainforests growing as high as up to three feet tall when standing and weigh from eight to twenty-two pounds. They have big necks and lower jaws, where their super-sized vocal cords are housed. They live high in the trees and hang from branches by their tails. In order to mark their territory, the howlers make loud vocalizations.
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Journey through the underworld. For the Mayas, the caves were sacred and they believe every human had to take a journey through the underworld. The Mayas used the caves to do ceremonies, ... moreofferings, and rituals. Some traditional ceremonies involved corn and chocolate.

Caves reveal a unique characteristic of the Mayan Past. Step back in time in one of these chambers located within the vast, tropical rainforest. Put your helmet, switch on your headlamp and just relax as you go on sacred grounds. Deep into the ancient world, as you pass the stalagmites, pottery, you will even feel a trickle of water as you go by the beautiful cave.
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Altun Ha, a major ceremonial and vital trade center during the Classic Period, has two principal plazas. The most significant find of Altun Ha is the “Jade Head”, which represents ... morethe Mayan Sun God, Kinich Ahua; it is the largest object carved of jade in the Maya civilization.

It’s approximately a forty-five minutes drive from the city to the park. When doing this tour, a city tour is also done by the tour guide as you're driven through the city. Complimentary purified water for our guests is provided. Free use of our umbrellas if you need one for reasons such as the sun is too hot or if it starts to rain.
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Cave Tubing and Zip-lining is the most popular shore excursion in Belize and it is our specialty. Our well-trained guides love what they do and will make sure you love the experience ... moretoo. They will go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and to ensure that you have a lot of fun. So if you are looking for something fun and spectacular to do in Belize, this is it!

Guided by our experienced Belizean tour guides, you will hike for about 30 minutes through the Belizean rainforest then tube down the refreshing Caves Branch River and through spectacular cave systems, which the ancient Mayas regarded as a sacred underworld and home to many powerful gods. It’s an exciting adventure you’ll never want to end and one you will always remember.
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