Five Blues Lake National Park

Type of Attraction
National Park

  • Limestone Hills
  • Blue Lake
  • Orchid Island
  • Birdwatching
  • Wildlife
  • Forest Trails

About Location
Named after a majestic lake that displays five shades of blue, Five Blues Lake is a ten-acre natural wonder, only to be found in Belize. The astonishing shades of blue are from the varying water depths and ambient light filtering through the trees  that causes the water to take on different shades of blue. Apart from such colorful lake, there are also over two hundred species of birds identified in the park and all five of Belize’s wildcats are known to make their homes within its boundaries. Be ready to take hikes through the lush forest and spot a few birds along the way. The Five Blues Lake National Park is surely a site to see in Belize.
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Discovering new, breathtaking spots in Belize seems to be never-ending and the ultimate eco-tour at Five Blues Lake is no exception. Come and explore Belize’s inland stunning natural ... morebeauty and cultural heritage while also supporting local conservation efforts. Five Blues Lake National Park was named after its different shades of blue and we bring to you an eco-tour in this area that features spectacular towering canyons covered with air plants, penetrated with sun beams through the jungle. This adventure ends with a refreshing lake kayaking that allows one to immerse in the beauty of this place.
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