Living Maya Expierence

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Nature Reserve
Gold Standard

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Living Maya Experience is a cultural home visit that offers guests a fascinating glimpse into a fast disappearing in which the local Kek'chi Mayas depend upon the forest and found everything in it to satisfy their needs from food to furniture to medicine. We showcase a Mayan home as it would have been fifty years ago before the modern world bean to impinge. An inside tour in the Mayan home whereby guests get the opportunity to hear a brief history about the beliefs, traditions and other cultural activities such as playing the traditional musical instruments, grinding corn, coffee or cacao bean on the grinding stone and making corn tortillas. Guests can also roll up their sleeves and get involve in the food preparation over the traditional open "fire-hearth". Visits are highly interactive and fun with all five senses involved. A trail tour around the yard guests get to taste, smell and gain more knowledge about the local herbs, medicinal plants and spices used to season the Mayan cuisine. We offer traditional Mayan dishes for lunch( vegetarian & non-vegetarian). Living Maya Experience is an authentic, educational cultural tour.
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