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Our founder, originally from Canada, has over 20 years in the tourism business and makes it his goal to deliver, custom off-the-beaten-track tours to budget-minded adventure travelers.
Purple Mayan was founded by a team of adventurous people who have extensive knowledge of all the hidden gems that Belize has to offer. We all share a passion for adventure travel and nature, as well as the passion for unique attractions off the main tourist track that are rich in history and culture. We strive to provide customized tours to suit our customers’ unique interests and promise to make your time in Belize an unforgettable experience.
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Enjoy a fun jungle walk along ancient Mayan pathways as your experienced guide teaches you about all the foods that are at your disposal in the rainforest. Learn which plants are edible ... moreand how they can be cooked or blended to make delicious foods and drinks. Also, learn which plants can be used as different medicines and how to bottle and use them for your own personal use. The rainforest is full of amazing healing plants! This tour is approximately 4 hours or more. This tour takes place right in this beautiful 300-acre adventure park in Cayo just 10 minutes from the famous Xunantunich Mayan ruin. This tour includes entrance fee and a professional licensed tour guide.
Take a guided cave tour with a Mayan Shaman and learn about the numerous ancient Mayan carvings and glyphs found on the cave systems in the Cayo District, Belize. Some notable ones ... moreare a human skull, a serpent, Tata Duende (a mythological creature famous in Belizean legends), and more. Learn about the significance of each carving and drawing and how they represented ancient Mayan culture and how it relates to Mayan culture today. The Mayan Shaman will even invite you to participate in some rituals the Mayans performing inside the cave!
Enjoy a relaxing Mayan massage and ritual of cleansing copal incense. As the Mayan Shaman massages your body, let the sacred copal incense cleanse your soul. Breathe in deeply and ... morelet all the negative energy leave your soul, allowing positive energy in. Traditional Mayan massages include cupping, which is the process of using a suction device to improve blood flow and help release toxins from your body. The Mayan Shaman will use a cup on your desired area for improvement- this method has been shown to help conditions such as headaches, arthritis, cellulite, offered is a palm reading, complete with a Mayan blessing. Enjoy this unique and healing massage and ritual in a beautiful jungle setting!
Roll up your sleeves and immerse yourself in this interactive chocolate demonstration. This half-day demonstration gets you to involve with the ancient Mayan Way of making traditional ... morechocolate. See how chocolate is grown, harvested and fermented in this jungle backdrop. Participate in the rolling and making of chocolate. Eat and drink your way through this learning process while you’re at it and let’s have fun with it.
The ancient Mayan people worshipped the maize (corn) God, K’an, and gave thanks to him for providing them with food. The presence of corn in modern-day Mayan cooking is still very ... moreevident today. Learn about foods such as bollos, tamales, tamalitos, salbutes, panades, atole (a corn-based drink), and other traditional Mayan foods, how to prepare and cook them, and sample some dishes. A very tasty and rewarding experience rich in Mayan history!
Enjoy this relaxing walk through the jungle exploring medicinal plants and food used by the locals and Native Mayans for food, medicine, and healing. Learn why the Mayans say “food ... moreis medicine, and medicine is food”.
Enjoy a healing, relaxing experience as a traditional Mayan Shaman light the copal (a tree resin used for incense) and other herbs such as sage and cedar, that are used for healing ... morephysical and psychological ailments. The Mayan Shaman will meet with you to learn about your unique needs and targeted areas for healing. Copal is an herb widely used by Mayans in smudging, or a healing smoke ceremony, to cleanse people and places of evil spirits. The Mayans believe that copal is extremely sacred and that the practice of smudging will help cleanse your spirit/aura from negative energy and purify your soul. This is an unforgettable experience rooted in ancient traditions.
This is the mother of all Mayan sites! Your experienced tour guide will take you on this all-day excursion leaving from Benque Viejo del Carmen, Belize. Your guide will help you cross ... morethe Belize/Guatemalan border, then you will travel a couple of hours to Tikal National Park, located in Guatemala’s northern Peten region. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Guatemala along the way! Tikal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is definitely worth the day trip from Belize. Inside the park, there is a diverse population of subtropical flora and fauna and notable wildlife such as jaguars, pumas, several species of monkeys, anteaters (known as pizotes), and more than 300 species of birds roam the park. Tikal was a major Pre- Columbian Period political, military, and economic epicenter for the Mayan people. It is by far one of the biggest and most important of the many Mayan archaeological sites located across Central America. The city has been mapped and covers over 6.2 square miles and features over 3,000 structures. The Great Plaza, centrally located at Tikal has been seen in several different films. In addition to The Great Plaza, your guide will take you to other notable structures such as Temple IV, the tallest structure in Tikal, which offers stunning views of Guatemala, including other Mayan sites in the area; El Mundo Perdido (The Lost World), and the Plaza of the Seven Temples. There is so much to explore! This is definitely a must-see for those interested in Mayan history and archaeological sites!
El Pilar is a Mayan Ruin located about 7 miles from Bullet Tree Falls village in Cayo, Belize. Your expert guide will take you to this site, which is surrounded by an abundance of ... morewater sources (“pila” means “water basin” in Spanish). This site is still being excavated, and most structures are in the early stages of excavation. An interesting feature of this site is a causeway which runs along the eastern edge of the site all the way across the border of the country into Guatemala. So far, 12 pyramids and 25 plazas have been discovered at El Pilar. It is believed to have been inhabited from 500 BC to 1000 AD. There are a variety of different residential structures at the sight, including an elite household, and also ceremonial
structures. In addition to 3 archaeological trails, there are also 2 nature trails for you to explore on the site. Your guide would be happy to accompany you on the trails and point out notable plants and wildlife in addition to providing you with more information about the rich Mayan history.
Pacbitun is a lesser-known Mayan site located near San Antonio Village in the Cayo District, Belize. The name means “Stone Set in Earth”. Your experienced guide will take you to this ... moresite, which has just recently begun to be excavated. This site was inhabited for around 2000 years, from 900 BC to 900 AD. This site is unique because it was recently discovered that during the Late Classic period, the Mayan people had a slate workshop, which is attached to one of the royal court's zones on the complex. This is a great off-the-beaten-track ruin that would make for a great stop to or from Mountain Pine Ridge!
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