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Located in Amergris Caye, ACES is a non-profit organization permitted by the Belize Forest Department and dedicated to the conservation of Belize's critical wetland habitats and protected ... morespecies, specifically Crocodilians, through scientific research and education to preserve wildlife for future generations.
The cave site of Actun Chapat (Centipede Cave) is located approximately 19 miles south of the modern town of San Ignacio, in the foothills of the Maya Mountains.... more

Inside this massive cave system are crystalized cave formations, flying and crawling cave critters, and a beautiful cenote, also known as the skylight. Actun Chapat is one of the best caving experiences in Belize! Similar to some of Belize’s famous caves such as Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave and Crystal Cave, Actun Chapat Cave holds secrets to ancient Maya rituals and sacrifices through the pottery and skeletal remains inside the cave.
The Actun Tunichil Muknal, also known as the ATM cave, is an ancient Maya archaeological site that is one of the most popular Mayan burial sites in Western Belize. The ATM cave is ... morenestled in Belize's lush rainforest in the Cayo District. Visit the ATM cave and learn the history of this magnificent cave and the mysteries of the Mayan underworld.

You can't afford to miss this Indiana Jones style adventure. Tours usually leave early in the morning, before 8am. The hike from the starting point to the cave entrance is intense, with three stream crossings and passes through the Tapir Mountain Nature reserve. The hike through the lower part of the caves lasts about 45 minutes. Take note that in the upper chambers of the cave, visitors are required to take off their shoes to prevent damage to the artifacts, plus you’ll need to swim through deep water to enter the cave and wade through more water both in side and outside of the cave. You’ll get to see the crystal maiden skeleton, pottery, and other ancient artifacts. No photography is allowed by order of the Department of Archaeology, but the mental movies will be incredibly worth it.
Take a dip in the hot springs of Agua Caliente Wildlife Sanctuary. This coastal plain zone is also great for fishing, hiking, caving and, of course, wildlife. Within its 5,468 acres ... moreof basin wetlands is a very dependent community of both endangered wildlife and vulnerable vegetation, such as: the Yucatan Black Howler monkey, Baird’s Tapir and Swietenia Macrophylla Mahogany. Discover why Agua Caliente is ranked as one of the top priority zones by the National Protected Area Policy and System Plan Project (NPAPSP, 2005).
Aguas Turbas is a national park situated in the Orange Walk District. This national park is one of those within the National Protected Areas System of Belize that has no management ... moreplans. Albeit this, the Aguas Turbas National Park plays an important role in the trans-boundary connectivity between Belize, Guatemala and Mexico in the Selva Maya Priority Area of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor.
The Altun Ha archaeological site is one of Belize's most excavated and restored site. The name is roughly translated of a new the nearby Yucatec Maya village, "Rockstone Pond". As ... morean ancient Maya city, it had a population of about ten thousand inhabitants in the sorrounding areas. Being the only Maya site located in the Belize District, it has become a popular attraction to locals and tourists
One of Belize’s most exciting new attractions, Angel Falls Xtreme Adventures 200+ acre estate- offers visitors a chance to experience exciting adventures in one of the most beautiful ... moreand untouched parts of the country. In Belize’s overlapping puzzle of diverse tropical ecosystems, riddled by thousands of caves, miles, and miles of underground rivers, we find the maximum expressions of a realm shrouded in mysticism by the archaeological wonders left behind by the ancient Maya.
A unique belizean experience. Bacab Eco Park is a lush jungle playground for overnight, resident, and cruise tourism guests. This splendid tourist destination is in the center of everything ... moreoffering a variety of on-site activities and unique adventure tours to choose from
Bacalar Chico is a hidden treasure with a pristine environment teeming with wildlife and a brilliant array of coral. By virtue of its location on Ambergris Caye, which borders Mexico, ... morethe twin sites of Bacalar Chico National Park and Marine Reserve are remote destinations suited for those who are looking for a less-traveled path and a unique adventure. Bacalar Chico was once an important trading site for the Maya people. They hand dug the canal that now separates Ambergris Caye from Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and built many settlements, the evidence of which can still be seen today by taking a tour.

Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve encompasses 15,530 acres and is a fantastic spot for snorkeling and diving. This protected area is also a critical habitat and breeding ground for many animals, including fish such as Horse Eye Jacks and Black Groupers, three species of turtles, and marine and coastal birds.

A popular spot for hiking due to its remote setting and varied landscape, Bacalar Chico National Park has beautiful coastal forests, swamps, mudflats, savannahs, sinkholes, and lagoons. The 12,640-acre reserve has 11 miles (18 kilometers) of nature trails and is home to dozens of animals, including endangered pumas and jaguars.

Eric from TripAdvisor describes Bacalar Chico as a fantastic eco-travel destination. He recalls his experience: “It is formed by the mile-long cut dug by Mayans some 6,000 years ago as an early day version of the Panama Canal. Today, it is home to dozens of unique species, including big cats, manatees, birds, turtles, etc. The park itself has a small museum and interpretive center, which by itself is well worth the visit. Typical tour trips depart from San Pedro and travel along the inland side of Ambergris Caye to the far northern border with Mexico. Tours do not usually visit the Mayan [sites], but they are worth a visit as well if you can talk your tour guide into a short side trip. The snorkeling is well worth the trip as well.”
The Baron Bliss Lighthouse pay tribute to one of Belize's greatest benefactors, Henry Edward Earnest Victor Bliss, commonly "Baron Bliss". Having never actually setting foot in Belizean ... moreshores, he died with the request of being buried in a granite tomb, enclosed by iron fencing, near the sea with a lighthouse nearby.
Tucked away in the Mountain Pine Ridge area is Barton Creek Cave, a wet cave that offers canoeing and a chance to see Maya ceramics and calcified skeletons of ancient Maya. If you ... morewant adventure, the drive here alone should get you ready for this cave expedition.

One of the most interesting discoveries was a necklace composed of perforated animal finger bones and a carved bone. The carving depicts a seated figure with his hands across his waist and legs facing forward.
Belize Botanic Gardens is 45 acres of native and exotic plants growing in the Cayo district of western Belize. The garden is in a valley on the banks of the Macal River, surrounded ... moreby the Maya Mountain foothills.

Within the Gardens’ 45 acres are several miles of trails and pathways open for visitors to explore. 

Learn how the Maya made use of the healing properties of medicinal plants found along the medicine trail; meander through a tropical fruit orchard as you make you way towards the orchid house to view a collection of native plants and orchids.

You can hike the rainforest trail and see mahogany, the water vine, vanilla, allspice and the “Bullet Tree”, a hard-wood fashioned into shields by the Maya to defend against Spanish bullets.

Featuring nearly 100 unique palms species from Belize and around the world, the palm area has its own exhibit displaying some of the palms many uses. Nearby cycad circle showcases an ancient and endangered plant species, while zingiber alley hosts a colorful array of gingers and heliconias, just waiting to be admired.
Downtown Belize City is riddled with historical ­remnants of a different time when Belize was only known as British Honduras. One of these time capsules is the well-known Swing Bridge ... morewhich connects the north and south side of the city and is known to be the only bridge in the world still operated by hand. With the Haulover Creek tributary passing underneath to branch into the Caribbean Sea, the bridge was first erected in 1818 when it was only a wooden bridge. Later, it was replaced in 1859 until eventually being replaced by a metal bridge in 1923.

Initially known as “The Grand Belize Bridge,” the swing bridge is a popular tourist attraction with a great view of all the sailboats and pelicans surrounding the site. While it has been through a few facelifts, the historic Hurricane Hattie and taken its toll through time, it is still operated today during very special ceremonies.
Built in 1926, the Belize Supreme Court building was rebuilt in the same style as the previous one that burned down in 1918. The New Orleans style building is known for its filigreed ... moreiron stairs, its balcony rails and its four-sided clock. Stop and take a look, if you’re out for a walk.
The Belize Zoo is home to over one hundred and seventy-five species of animals. Located in the Belize District, The Belize Zoo is is a non-profit organization that focuses on the conservation ... moreof wildlife through environmental education and rehabilitation. It's the first nature destination in Belize that is fully accessfible to handicap visitors.
Ben Loman Cave is located in Gales Point southern Belize. This cave is also recommended for novices, though a great deal of walking is required. The payoff: the area is known for its ... morelagoons with large populations of manatees.
There’s a reason there’s such a thing as ‘hidden gems,’ and Big Rock Falls is the prime example of this. Tucked into the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve this waterfall literally ... moreprompts your jaw to drop once you lay eyes upon it. Magnificent, monumental and massive, Big Rock stands tall with a small pool at the bottom of it, flowing into a bigger cenote that rushes over large rocks (hence, the name.)

After numerous wooden stairways plunging into the forest, you will arrive at the bottom where the 150-foot waterfall stands. After all those steps, launching yourself off a rocky cliff into the pool is just what you need. If you’d rather a more relaxing entrance, simply wade amongst the rocks before dipping into the big cenote at the foot of the falls. Lying on your back and staring at the cloudless sky as you float is the recommended way to experience Big Rock Falls. For a free, natural massage place yourself near the rocky walls and let the cascades pummel your back while also refreshing your face.

Big Rock suits both adrenaline-junkies (diving from the cliff), or relaxation lovers (wading or lying on the rocks.) Since it’s deep within the reserve you are sure to have most of the place to yourself, a great opportunity to appreciate nature’s creations close at hand.

You can either spend a half day enjoying the chilling water of Big Rock or after spending a couple of hours head on over to Rio on Pools, which is nearby.
Billy Barquedier National Park is a wondrous hilly terrain, encompassing 1,639 acres of preserved tropical evergreen forest, sitting on Santa Rosa metasedimentary rocks and featuring ... morea spectacular waterfall.

Located between two watersheds, Mullins River watershed (north) and Stann Creek watershed (south), this pristine jungle is also situated near the Manatee Forest Reserve (part of the foothills of the Maya Mountain Massif).

If you’re traveling down the Hummingbird Highway, stop at Mile 17 at the “Billy Barquedier National Park” sign. 

Once you arrive at the site, be ready for a slight 15-20 minutes hiking trail to the freshwater Barquedier waterfall. After that short hike, take a swim, it’s worth it!
The Bladen Forest Reserve is the place for freshwater snorkeling—that’s right, freshwater snorkeling. The Bladen River runs through the reserve and is also great for swimming, canoeing ... moreand kayaking. If you have freshwater snorkeling on your bucket list, here is where you need to go to check it off.
Bladen Nature Reserve is Belize’s most rich and intact block of preserved forest, spanning 100,000 acres in southern Belize. Bordered by the Columbia River Forest Reserve, the Chiquibul ... moreNational Park and Forest Reserve, as well as the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, these surrounding ecosystems contribute to this pristine landscape.

As the only category 1 preservation zone, Bladen is known as the old forest, and it encompasses the most vital part of the Maya Mountain, the entire corridor of this mountain massif.

Features: Bladen is significant in relation to the observation of topographical development and a truly unspoiled jungle of biodiversity. The Keyhole Cave is an aesthetic feature within Bladen along with a partially excavated ancient Maya site.

This no-take zone is managed by the Ya’axche Conservation Trust, which encourages researchers and students to visit the reserve and take part in ongoing studies.