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I’ve been in the business for about 3 years now still learning everyday with the help of Hank I’ve been learning more and more, growing up in this lifestyle it became natural to me.
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Usually our tours start from 9pm roughly to 3pm, we usually give people a little extra time so that they really enjoy themselves, we always take time in considering the tourists needs ... moreand wants and try to fulfill their wishes, we have a nice snorkeling roughly to an hour depending on age range, have lunch after lunch get some island legs people have an option to go on the island and chill in a hammock or so, do a second snorkel if others feel so if not we decide to head back sailing in nice and slow
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Placencia Village
Stann Creek
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Locals want you to use Hank because they know you’re going to be taken care of. His first and second mates Terrell and Conor complete the all star crew. We hit a small island to snorkel and gaffe lobster for lunch. The 37 ft catamaran handled our party of 8 no problem. Fresh fruit and drinks kept us hydrated all day. Shade is not a problem below the deck or in the showdown of the sails. Private island ... more for naps in hammocks while the crew prepared a Caribbean feast. Our special request to do some fishing was accommodated and rewarded with a 32 inch King Mackerel...a local favorite. The golden hour coming into the harbor made for great pics and the dolphin escort was icing on the cake.
Billy Patterson
We came looking for a good time and we found it with Hank. The upmost respect for this man and his crew. Top of the li e equipment and an awsome time. I would recommend Blue water sailing we you come to Placincia.