Maya Center Mayan Museum

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Stann Creek

  • Interactive Museum
  • Maya Culture
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Locally-made Products
  • Handcrafts

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The Maya Center Maya Museum is located in the Stann Creek District. This museum is one of its kind that is culturally interactive with visitors. The museum entertains and teaches real Mayan culture through live demonstrations and presentations. Activities such as tortilla making, cultural dancing and coffee making are being taught in the museum. Experience the Mayan culture from hands on.
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The Chocolate Making Sessions at a living Mayan Museum offers you the BEST of Real Mayan Culture and its authenticity. Experience the traditional Mayan way of making chocolate from ... morebean to bar. Cacao Beans are grown by local farmers in Maya Center Village and is certified Organic.

Take a short walk to the cacao farm to learn about how cacao trees are cultivated. The trained farmer will give you a detailed explanation and process of how the beans are extracted from the pods and then fermented and finally dried and ready to be processed into chocolate. You will roast your own cacao beans on the clay griddle, just like how the Mayans did.

Making chocolate on the Mayan grinding stone is a lot of fun! The cacao beans being ground on the grinding stone gets magical as you witness your chocolate beginning to unfold. What is more exciting is that you get to eat your own chocolate! The tour is very educational and hands on. You have got to do it.
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