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Off the southern tip of Ambergris Caye is Belize's oldest marine reserve,the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Hol Chan is Mayan for "little channel." The entire reserve focuses on a cut through ... morethe reef (called a quebrada) which is little more than 25 yards (23 m) wide and 30 feet (9 m) deep about 4 miles southeast of San Pedro.

The reserve was formed primarily as a community-based initiative due to concern over the high level of uncontrolled, often destructive fishing and diving activities in the area. Reserve status was also called for by international organizations such as the New York Zoological Society (NYZS) and Peace Corps, due to the unique formation of the channel, the abundant fishery resources (including conch and lobster) and the feasibility of including an interlinked system of coral reef, seagrass and mangrove habitats in this area.

The entire reserve covers approximately three square miles (7.8 sq km)
La Milpa is an archaeological site and an ancient Maya city within the Three River region of Northwest Belize bordering Mexico and Guatemala. La Milpa is located between the sites ... moreof Rio Azul and Lamanai. Currently, La Milpa lies within the nature preserve owned by the Programme for Belize, a non-profit organization.

La Milpa is the third largest ancient Maya site in Belize. The ceremonial center is built on a high limestone ridge and, with more than 24 courtyards and over 85 structures, is in the topmost rank of Mayan sites. The Great Plaza is one of the largest public spaces in the Maya world. It is flanked by four temple-pyramids with the tallest standing 24 m above the plaza floor. It contains two courts for the sacred Mayan ball-game, associated with ritual and sacrifice as well as recreation.excavation.
The name "Lamanai" means submerged crocodile. Located in in the Orange Walk District, Lamanai is known to be the longest continuously-occupied Mayan site in Mesoamerica. Lamanai is ... moreone of the largest ceremonial sites in Belize that even includes over a hundred of other minor structures in the sorrounding area. It is also one of the few archaeological sites that had structures successfully built on top of other pre-existing structures. Quite fascinating!
This atoll is home to the famous Blue Hole, a circular sinkhole that has attracted underwater enthusiasts for decades. Your clients will be amazed to encounter the towering stalactites ... moreand Caribbean reef sharks, barracudas, angelfish and some of the largest midnight parrot fish in the world, to name a few. Intrepid divers will also discover Half Moon Caye in this atoll, known for its swim-through tunnels featuring huge barrel and tube sponges, yellowtail snappers and eagle rays.
Lubaantun is known as "Place of the Fallen Stones" in Maya. This archaeological site is quite peculiar as the style of architecture is most distict, and unusual, from other archaeological ... moresites in Belize. Located in about two miles from the San Pedro Columbia Village in the Toledo District, the structures there are constructed from black slate instead of limestone and the corner stones of them are rounded rather than sharp.
From afar the designated bird sanctuary of Man-O-War Caye looks like any other tiny mangrove island, but as you journey closer to it, the frenzy of activity becomes apparent, with ... morebirds soaring in the sky above in every direction.

Man of War Cay is an island and is located in Stann Creek, Belize. It is also known as Bird Caye or Bird Island. Islands near Man O' War are Thatch Caye, Tobacco Range, Tobacco Caye, and South Water Caye.

This little island is famous for its multiple species of birds and also for having the 3 types of mangroves found in Belize. The 3 different types of mangrove vegetation provide a perfect sanctuary to a variety of indigenous bird species, including Pelicans, Brown Booby birds, and the Magnificent Frigate birds Many Island resorts travel daily to share what an amazing island it is and share their knowledge of all the species that make this little island home.
The Marco Gonzales Maya Site is located at the southern tip of Ambergris Caye. It is the first national reserve on an island in Belize. On April 1, 2011, the National Institute of ... moreCulture and History and the Belize Institute of Archaeology have also signed the final paperwork with the Belizean Government in order to make Marco Gonzalez the first Maya Site National Park on Ambergris Caye. While the site is still under reconstruction and development, visitors are able to tour the site, view artifacts and go on eco-tours offered within the site.
The Maya Center Maya Museum is located in the Stann Creek District. This museum is one of its kind that is culturally interactive with visitors. The museum entertains and teaches real ... moreMayan culture through live demonstrations and presentations. Activities such as tortilla making, cultural dancing and coffee making are being taught in the museum. Experience the Mayan culture from hands on.
The Mayflower Bocawina National Park is located on the Southern Highway, in the Stann Creek District. It was declared a National Park in 2001. Covering over seven thousand acres of ... moreland, the national park is filled with a lush canopy of trees. Not to mention, there are also three Mayan sites located in the park that are still being excavated the Mayflower Archeology Project. At the location, there are three beautiful waterfalls that are each uniquely pristine that are sure to take your breath away.
Mexico Rocks is a part of Belize's Marine Protected Area. Located in the northern coast of Ambergris Caye, Mexico Rocks is home to a variety of fishes, corals and other marine life. ... moreThe crisp blue waters of the Caribbean Sea is twelve feet deep and allows you to clearly see the wonders in Mexico Rocks.
Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary is an environmental educaton center and wildlife sanctuary located off the George Price Highway in the Belize District. It offers offers experiential ... morelearning programs and training opportunities to its visitors and serves as a model of conservation land stewardship. In the location, there are accommodation and facilities that can be used while visiting. The Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary also offers activities for travelers and as well as internship activities for those with a more long-term interest in Belize. A well-stocked library provides plenty of reference and reading matter on natural history and the country. Activities in the Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary includes, but are not limited to, swimming in the Sibun River, bird watching, canoeing and hiking. Around 230 bird species have been identified at the sanctuary. Larger wildlife, such as pumas and coatimundi, can also be spotted in the sanctuary.
As the oldest and largest protected forested area in Belize, Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve covers 300 square miles of area, but visitors are surprised to find a sharp contrast to the ... moretropical landscape; here, pine needles rather than palm fronds, fill the landscape. This pine tree-dominated forest is more than just a vast wooded area: visitors find deep ravines, traverse dramatic granite expanses atop the Maya Mountains and observe meandering rivers, streams, waterfalls and pools amid the sweet fragrance of the evergreens.

Orchids and ferns of many varieties grow abundantly throughout the pine forest while rare and endangered bird species such as the orange-breasted falcon and the king vulture may be sighted.
Located five kilometers from the Southern Highway, near Indian Creek Village and Golden Stream Village, Nim Li Punit is one of the smaller Mayan Sites in Belize. However, it's collection ... moreof stele that has been found in the location. The captivating marks made on these stele pieces tells a story of the ancient Mayas that once occupied the area.
Float trips along the Caves Branch River provide a unique vantage point to experience the sacred caves of the Maya.
Payne's Creek National Park is a nature reserve located in the Toledo District of Belize. It was first declared as a nature reserve in May of 1994 and then after a national park in ... more1999. The landscape of the park is 37, 680 acres of land that includes the dominant broadlead forest and mangrove areas. Payne's Creek national Park stretches to the lower reaches of the Monkey River and uniquely protects habitats in the area through the broadleaf forest and marshland vegetation. This area is also Important Manatee breeding ground, supports ibis nesting site and hasa large wading bird population
The Pen Cayeto Studio Gallery is an iconic cultural feature in Dangriga, Stann Creek. It was opened in 2009 to showcase Pen and his family's contributions to the arts. Pen Cayeto is ... morepne of Belize's most prominent living musicians. He and his family is credited to be Belize's pre-eminent artistic family. Visitors of the gallery can examine each artifact and painting on display and learn about those contributions made to the muscical and artistic heritage of Belize.
Located just north of Punta Gorda, Port Honduras Marine Reserve is one of the top diving and snorkeling spot in southern Belize. It encompasses 160 square miles of coastal waters, ... more135 mangrove isla and it's a habitat for endangered West Indian manatees. Diving and snorkeling excursions can be arranged by local tour operators.
Rio Blanco National Park is a protected wildlife area that is home to many flora and fauna species. The size of this national park is only a hundred and five acres. Although the size ... moreis a bit smaller than other national parks, there is a beautiful twenty feet high waterfall that you can experience. This waterfall flows into wide, shallow pools and over smooth slabs of sandstone. Not a fan of waterfalls? Take your binoculars and enjoy your day bird watching. You can also take a dip into the beautiful water or go kayaking.
The Rio Bravo Conservation Area is located in the Orange Walk District. It is owned and managed by Programme for Belize, which is a private nonprofit Belizean organization. The area ... moreis made up of a combination of broadleaf forest, swamp forest, palm forest, savannah, and marshland. It has been observed that wildlife has been spotted in the area than anywhere else in the country.The Rio Bravo Conservation Area is managed for conservation, scientific research, sustained yield-timber harvesting, non-timber forest product extraction, ecotourism and educational purposes.
Nested in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, Rio Frio Cave is a must see attraction when visiting Belize. It is one of the best caving systems throughout Belize. This cave was ... moreonce used as a sacred burial site for the ancient Maya. Visitors get to experience the enormous front entry cavern that measures more than seventy feet high and explore the many natural fresh-water pools, waterfalls and stalactite formations.