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Summer 2018: Let's Go Belizing!

By Angela Wu 5/11/2018 3 minutes

Summer is just around the corner. Finally, after months of hard work and cold weather, you get a break; but, what to do? We have a suggestion for you, go Belizing! Take a trip to Belize this summer and experience adventure, relaxation, and rich culture like no other. As "nature's best kept secret," Belize stands as a top destination for its natural wonders and unique collection of wildlife along with numerous historical sites, a melting pot of cultural heritages, and mouthwatering foods. Being Central America's only English-speaking country, you can travel with ease and comfort throughout the country. Not convinced yet? Here’s why you should visit Belize for your 2018 summer vacation:

1) Festivals Galore

This 2018 summer is filled with lively and interesting festivals that celebrate everything Belizean. The entire country will be buzzing with festivities and celebrations from these recurring events:
These festivals are great for having a fun time while in Belize as well as a great learning and authentic food experience. In Belize, the summertime weather is usually warm and sunny – which is great for attending beach parties, jumping into waterfalls or hiking up one of Belize’s spectacular Maya archaeological sites.

2) Low Season

After winter has passed, many of those who came to Belize to escape the freezing temperatures of their home countries are zipping up their suitcases and going back home. This results to a lowered influx of visitors – low season in the tourism industry. Now, this time of the year is perfect for a memorable vacation. Why? Because prices for accommodations, restaurants, and tourism-related services are lower, which makes a vacation in paradise more affordable. Need some recommendations? Here are some of the top selections for best eats, best stays, and best adventures in Belize for the ultimate 2018 summer vacation in Belize:


3) Unlimited Activities

You can never stop Belizing while you’re here. There is always something for you to do whether it’s food tours, island hopping or relaxing by the seaside on a hammock. If you’d like to book your tours, transportation and rentals, has the widest selection of tours, activities, shuttles and rentals in the country. Here are some top tours and destinations in Belize:

4) Convenience

Belize is located in Central America, bordered by Guatemala on the west, Mexico on the north and the Caribbean Sea on the east. Allowing for visitors to engage in inland activities and tours, as well as marine activities and tours.
  • Language:
The official language of Belize is English, Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America. This allows for travelers all around the world to communicate with the locals and get around the country with ease.
  • Currency:
The basic exchange rate in Belize is $1 USD = $2 BZD. There is also no need to exchange money since [valid] U.S. dollars are accepted countrywide.

Make this 2018 summer vacation worthwhile by visiting Belize. Let Belize be your best cheap summer vacation for 2018. You wont regret it! Let’s go Belizing for summer 2018!
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The Belize Chocolate Festival Started in 2007 by a group of local cacao farmers and chocolate manufacturers, the Belize Chocolate Festival, or the Toledo Cacao Festival, in Southern ... moreBelize celebrates the Maya culture through traditional Maya Chocolate along with other chocolate-related products from local farmers and manufacturers. Belize’s Toledo District is world-renowned for having some of the finest quality cocoa in the international market.

The Belize Chocolate Festival was conceptualized for local cacao farmers and chocolate manufacturing businesses to showcase their premium cacao, cacao-products, chocolates and chocolate drinks. Since then, this Chocolate Festival has become popular to locals and travelers. Many would travel far and wide to be able to experience all things chocolate on this three-day event.

Along with consuming indulgent chocolate and chocolate products, this festival is also a great opportunity for visitors to learn about the Maya Culture through cultural presentations, dancing lessons, and traditional Maya chocolate-making demonstrations.
The 2019 Belize Chocolate Festival The 2019 Belize Chocolate Festival is scheduled for May 24 to May 26, 2019. First night is the Wine and Chocolate tasting at Garbutts Marine & Fishing Lodge. May 25, 2019 is the Taste of Toledo Stree Fair at Front Street. The last day on May 26 is the grand finale at Nim Li Punit Archaeological Site.
Why should you attend the 2019 Cacao Festival in Belize? The entire weekend will be filled with activities and entertainment. Each year the Chocolate Festival is filled with fun activities, cultural presentations and, of course, CHOCOLATE! Many travel to Punta Gorda to enjoy Chocolate Fest's educational and indulgent three-day event that features locally-produced cacao, chocolate products and chocolate-inspired dishes for a bargain.
Entrance Fee:
Free! (some events are tickets)
Punta Gorda Town
Punta Gorda Town, Toledo, Belize
Start Date:
Sunday, 24 May, 2020Annually
Belize Cashew Festival and Agriculture Show Get your appetites ready! The annual Belize Cashew Festival and Agriculture Show is just around the corner. Hosted in Crooked Tree Village, ... moreBelize District, artisans, chefs, and local cashew farmers come together for this two-day event to display a wide range of cashew products. Filled with entertainment, contests, fresh produce, wines and cashew-inspired dishes, many travels to the little village of Crooked Tree to experience this highly anticipated event of the year. Throughout the day will be filled with excitement, tasty treats and activities.
Where is the Belize Cashew Fest?
The Cashew Festival will be at Crooked Tree Village in the Belize District. If you would like to know how to get to Northern Belize, then check out our transporation in Belize blog.
What to do at the Belize Cashew Fest?
The Cashew Festival and Agriculture Show in Crooked Tree Village is a wonderful opportunity for locals and visitors to experience cashew in a unique and exciting way. Celebrating this nutritious nut, local artisans, chefs and farmers bring their best cashew products and produce to the show grounds for the public. You can’t miss this once-a-year event.
What to bring to the Belize Cashew Fest? Things you should take to Cashew Fest are;



comfortable clothing and shoes
Crooked Tree Village
Belize District, Belize
Start Date:
Monday, 11 May, 2020Annually
Orange Walk, Belize
Belize Lobster Fest 2019 There is no better time to kick off summer with Belize Lobster Fest. Coinciding with the first lobster harvest that continues through February 15, this annual ... moreseafood revelry is a popular event throughout the country of Belize. Lobster fest is celebrated at three exquisite locations, San Pedro, Caye Caulker, and Placencia, for three to nine days, depending on which Lobster Fest you are attending.

Around this same time, is when many travelers take advantage of the low prices to visit Belize, and you should too! While lobster might seem to dominate the dishes at Lobster fest, you can also try lionfish and participate in many other activities.
So where in Belize is Lobster Fest 2019 exactly held? The lobster fest is held in three main locations in Belize, each with its own unique festive environment. If you are ravenous for lobster and endless parties, then San Pedro might be the best option for you. San Pedro is known for their raves, live music, and gatherings. Certainly, you can expect more people to engage in this type of activity, especially because San Pedro’s Lobster fest last for about a week.

Placencia hosts lobster fest for about three days, and you can expect a bit of every sort of entertainment. Placencia also hosts many competitive games that you can engage on. Since Placencia is a peninsula, you can always take a bus ride inland to go site seeing, cave tubing, bird watching, and hiking in nearby locations in southern Belize.

If you are looking for a more relaxing lobster festive, then Caye Caulker might be the best option. While you are there, you can do many other activities such as snorkeling and go scuba diving. You can view a full list of Marine Tours at Caye Caulker might also be the most affordable of all locations.

If you can afford to visit all locations, then do so, as this event is done once a year, at the most affordable time to travel Belize. You might also want to visit far inland, where you can still experience unique dishes of lobster, and certainly many more affordable adventures. Let's go Belizing at Lobster Fest!
Where is the 2019 Lobster Fest? The Lobster Fest will be hosted at San Pedro, Placencia and Caye Caulker. Choose one, or all, of the locations and have a blast at the beach, Enjoy delicious lobster meals or meet with lobster fishermen to see their catch of the day. There will be lots of fun including beach parties, live entertainment and concerts, and the Miss Lobster Festival competition.
Why should you attend the 2019 Lobster Fest? Lobster Fest is always a fun and exciting event for locals and travelers. There will be awesome beach parties with great prices on food, drink and accommodations this summer for the Lobster Fest Season!

Facebook pages:
Placencia: https: //
San Pedro: https: //
Caye Caulker: https: //
Placencia, San Pedro Town, or Caye Caulker
Start Date:
Thursday, 13 Jun, 2019
Stann Creek, Island
/ Person
Departs From:
San Ignacio Town
ATM Cave was first explored in 1989 and National Geographic produced a documentary about ATM Cave in 1992 called Journey Through the Underworld. ... more

Actun Tunichil Muknal is one of the most impressive Maya ceremonial caves containing bloodletting altars used in sacrifices and over 1400 artifacts as well as human skeletal remains.
/ Person
Departs From:
San Pedro (Ambergris Caye)
UNTOUCHED BEAUTY Bacalar Chico is a reserve on the northern part of Ambergris Caye that includes reef as well as land. In the morning we make our way along the leeward side of the ... moreisland to the ranger station in the reserve, where you will have a chance to see the flora on the northern part of the island.

We then head out to snorkel Barracuda Reef and Rocky Point before we head to Robles, where our guides will prepare lunch for you. After lunch, we'll explore the deserted beaches, relax in a hammock or chill out in our tree house.
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Departs From:
Top Hopkins Area Tour *seasonal tour* (Mid December to May) Head out on the 5-minute boat ride to Anderson Lagoon on the Sittee River. The night sky is UNBELIEVABLE. ... more

Thick with stars all the way down to the tree line. Using high powered flashlights to spot the eyeshine of crocodiles, kinkajou, coatimundi, raccoons, birds, resting iguanas, and much more!

Go through the tiny cut to the lagoon and you are surrounded by the giant mangroves and then shoot out into the lagoon which boasts bioluminescent plankton that lights up with any disturbance in the water.

It’s pitch black, the guide’s flashlight beam cutting across the lagoon is the only light and then he turns it off, the boat picks up speed and the wake glows to blue light. As the boat picks up more speed, the tiny algae, which settle in the lagoon during the dry season, get agitated and glow. It’s absolutely unbelievable.

Our guide will stop the boat and you just stare into the water. Schools of fish or any marine life swimming through the lagoon create a phosphorescent trail which can look like a glowing cloud in the water. Hundreds of jellyfish pulsating in the water. They feed on the algae – it’s all along their edges and inside them.

Just moving your hand around in the water is miraculous. You leave aqua blue glowing blue bubbles.

A swim in these waters is almost irresistible so we recommend you wear your swimwear and bring along a towel.

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