Belize City to San Pedro Gold Standard Transportation Options

How to get to San Pedro from Belize City

International Airport Arrival:

For all international travelers entering Belize, their arrival location is at the Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA/BZE), located a few miles outside of Belize City in the village of Ladyville. Ladyville is the largest village in Belize and it is about 14.5 kilometers from Belize City.

Here are the available options to get to San Pedro from the Philip Goldson International Airport and/or Belize City:
Fully Refundable*
$74 each way! Book your domestic flight from the Philip Goldson International Airport to the beautiful town of San Pedro in Ambergris Caye. This is a quick 15-minute connecting flight ... moreto San Pedro with Belize's most trusted ISSA-registered airline, Tropic Air.

Your tickets can be FULLY REFUNDED (minus a service fee) up to 24 hours before the departure date! 

Passengers are allowed 2 free checked bags depending on space on the aircraft. Additional bags are charged at $35US each. 

FREE RESCHEDULING if your international flight is delayed, or you experience any delays at the Belize airport before your domestic flight check-in. Tickets can be booked up to 24 hours in advance of flight time.
Gold Standard:
Belize City International - BZE, San Pedro - SPR

Domestic Flights:

If you are at the Philip Goldson International Airport and would like to take a direct flight to San Pedro, you can do so with Tropic Air. Tropic Air is the number one airline for domestic flights between all major destinations in Belize. They also provide international flights to cities in neighboring countries such as Cancun, Mexico, and Flores, Guatemala. 

A flight from the PGIA to San Pedro only takes about fifteen minutes. The flights offer a scenic view of the Caribbean Sea and beautiful Ambergris Caye.

Flights to San Pedro are also available at the Belize Municipal Airport in Belize City if you have already traveled from the Philip Goldson International Airport to Belize City. 

Of course, domestic flights are the more costly option to get to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye; however, it will get you to San Pedro quicker and it offers great views for a nice photo op. The price for a San Pedro flight depends on whether you book a one-way ticket or round-trip ticket. 

For the best ticket rates, book on, where one-way tickets start at $82 US and round trip tickets start at $72.50 US each way. 

If your budget does not allow for flight tickets, no worries. The alternate option is taking a water taxi from Belize City to San Pedro
Get the inside scoop on the Hemispheres Magazine's April issue cover story, Three Perfect Days in Belize. We're back in the studios with Ali Wunderman, freelance wildlife and ... moretravel journalist and founder of The Naturalist, to catch up and talk about what she's been up to since her last appearance back in January 2020. Ali gives us the inside scoop about her latest adventures in Belize as she worked on her new cover story for the April issue of Hemisphere's Magazine, United Airline's in-flight magazine.
Guest Name:
Ali Wunderman
Anyone that tests positive on arrival, will be required by law to enter quarantine at their pre-booked hotel or an approved quarantine hotel until cleared by health officials.

Testing on Departure

Per CDC requirements, before traveling back to the United States, you must get tested with a viral test 1–3 days before travel. You may be denied boarding at the Belize airport if you do not have a negative test to depart to the United States. This requirement takes effect on January 26th, 2021.

Book your CDC-compliant Covid test.

🚨Alert: Self-Test kits are not legal in Belize. The government regulates the importation of test kits. Self-test kits will be confiscated, and results from these kits do not comply with rules for departure from Belize.
Browse a list of authorized private test providers available countrywide.

Covid-19 Testing for Departure

Pre-Book your CDC-required test from an authorized test center. We will come to you anywhere in Belize. Service available countrywide from private testing services throughout Belize, authorized by the Belize Ministry of Health. Test starts at $75pp.

Protocols & Restrictions

Belize is open for travel! Yes, we’re back and we can’t wait to welcome you back to our shores. On October 1st, 2020, the Belize International airport finally reopened for leisure ... moretravel. Belize had closed its airport and borders on March 23rd. In this episode, Mrs. Misty Michael from the Belize Tourism Board joins us to talk about Airport protocols and other travel updates from Belize.
Guest Name:
Misty Michael

New Airport Arrival Procedures

Arrival in Belize

Upon arrival at the Belize international airport, there will be enhanced health screening, temperature checks, and verification of your unique ID from health app.

The Ministry of Health has established a testing area at the international airport just outside of Terminal 2. The clinic can accommodate 12 passengers at a time for testing, and is air conditioned with restroom facilities.

Multiple checkpoints have been put in place at the airport. Visitors have reported a very seamless process with minimal added wait time. To learn more about the new airport procedures on arrival, please download episode 28 of The Belize Travelcast.

During your stay, you must adhere to all health and safety protocols in Belize including social distancing, and wearing of masks in public. You will be required to check in daily via the Belize Health App.

*The protocols are subject to change as the situation evolves. All updates will be posted on this site.

Safe Corridor

A Safe Corridor methodology will be used for visitors in the first phase or reopening.

According to the Belize Tourism Board, "The Safe Corridor provides for approved hotels and tour operators who have been trained to operate in this new environment to host international travellers." This is now a recommendation rather than a strictly enforced regulation.

You are encouraged to stay at Gold Standard hotels, use authorized Gold Standard transportation providers, and go on tours with gold standard tour operators. You may still need to check in daily with the Belize Health and Travel app, and you must adhere to all regulations in place including daily curfew, requirements to always wear a mask in public, and practice social distancing.
*Browse the Official List of Gold Standard Hotels.

Belize Entry Requirements & Travel Restrictions

These are the Belize travel restrictions and entry requirements in place for travelers to Belize.

1. Passport & Visa: All visitors to Belize must have a valid passport valid for at least three months after the date of arrival. Most visitors do NOT need to obtain a visa prior to arrival, including visitors from the United States, Canada, EU member states, and CARICOM member states. 

2. Covid Testing: Everyone who is not fully vaccinated must provide a negative test result for entry into Belize. Testing is available at the airport at a cost of USD$50. You may also take a test before your arrival in Belize. A PCR test can be taken up to 96 hours prior to arrival, and a Rapid antigen test up to 48 hours prior to arrival (see requirements).

Everyone who tests posivite will be required to enter mandatory quarantine for 14 days at their hotel or an approved quarantine hotel.

3. ⛔️Mobile App: You no longer need the Belize Health app.

4. Hotel & Transportation: Tourists visiting for vacation only must have reservations at Gold Standard Accomodation in Belize. All transportation and tours within Belize should be arranged through approved Gold Standard service providers. You may rent a vehicle from a rental provider at the airport. 

Tip: Anyone visiting for any purpose other than "vacation only" can stay anywhere. You are not always required to stay at Gold Standard Hotels. A booking or reservation at Gold Standard accommodations is NOT strictly required if you are visiting for anything other than "vacation only". For example, you may be visiting to explore retirement options, purchase property, official business, sport, or to visit family & friends, etc. The law (SI #9 of 2021) states that only foreign tourists who are visiting for "vacation only" are required to have a booking or reservation at approved gold standard accommodation. We recommend that all travelers consider staying at Gold Standard properties for the duration of their stay. Gold Standard is a health and safety program and has no relation to price or type of accommodation.
*If you already have a reservation, and you will be visiting for vacation only, we recommend you check with the accommodation to ensure that they have been certified as Gold Standard or will be approved in time for your visit.

Mask, Curfew & Other Restrictions

A Nationwide daily curfew is in effect. The curfew hours are from 10pm to 4am. From Thursday to Saturday night the curfew is extended until midnight.

Masks are required in all public places. Children under 6 are exempt. Masks are required on tours, with some exception. These rules will be explained by your tour guide.

Other restrictions include:
  • Restriction of gatherings in public places.
  • All Restaurants are now allowed to operate at 75% capacity.
  • Dine-in at restaurants is by reservation only.
  • Bars remain closed.

*Keep in mind that some of these are the travel restrictions for the initial phase only, and may be different when you travel to Belize. Keep checking this page for the most up to date Belize travel restrictions and  important travel updates.

Entry from Land Borders and Seaports

The Belize land borders are now open for tourism. Foreign tourists may enter via the northern (Santa Elena) and western (Benque Viejo) land borders for recreation and vacation purposes only. Tourists will be able to enter Belize via Chetumal, Mexico, and via Melchor de Mencos, Peten, Guatemala. 
  • MUST be visiting for vacation.
  • MUST hold a foreign passport.
  • MUST have a stamped vaccine card from their country of origin OR be tested at the border at their own expense (NO external testing accepted)
  • MUST stay at Gold Standard accommodations for a minimum of 3 nights.
  • MUST use Gold Standard transportation.

Exit from land borders remains open as always. A border exit fee of $40 bzd is payable to exit land borders. 

The San Pedro and Punta Gorda seaports will also open soon for foreign tourists, but a date has not been finalized. 

ℹ️ Read the Official Press Release

Testing Requirements at Land Borders: External test results are no longer accepted. Foreign tourists entering via land borders must have proof of full Covid-19 immunization, or undergo a rapid antigen test by the Ministry of Health. All visitors are subject to random testing at their own expense.

*Check back on this website for updated details regarding new protocols and procedures that may be required for entry at land borders and seaports.

Belize Travel Health App

All visitors to Belize are encouraged to register via the Belize Travel Health App before entering the country. You will need to register on the app no more than 72 hours before your arrival in Belize. 

What is the Belize Health App and where do I get it?

The Belize Travel Health app is a mobile application that you are encouraged to install on your mobile device. *The Belize Health app is required, but Belize allows entry without the app for travelers without a smart device.

See our Full Guide to the Belize Health App including answers to frequently asked questions.

Flights to Belize.

Flights to Belize resumed as of October 1st when the Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport reopened. Flights will be available from United Airlines, American Airlines, and Avianca. Tropic Air will also provide flights from Cancun, Mexico.
If you have an upcoming flight into Belize, please check with your airline. We will post updates here as soon as official announcements are made. It is expected that United, Delta, Avianca, and American Airlines will have flights when the airport reopens.

United Airlines

Daily direct flights are now available from Houston, Texas

Flights available on weekends from Denver, Colorado, Chicago Illinois, Newark New Jersey.

Flights from Los Angeles have commenced on January 9th. 

American Airlines

Daily direct flights now available via Miami Florida and Dallas Texas

Weekend flights available from Charlotte North Carolina.

Delta Airlines

Daily Flights via Atlanta are now available.


Flights should be available starting on October 26th. Flights via El Salvador from Wednesday to Saturday, and on Mondays.

Tropic Air

Tropic Air, a domestic airline in Belize, will provide flights from Cancun Mexico starting on October 12th. We recommend checking their schedule as flights are only available on Mondays and Fridays. 

Discounted Domestic Flights available.

Tropic Air also provides flights to Ambergris Caye and flights to Placencia from the Belize international airport (BZE).

*Find the best rates and book your Tropic Air flight here.

TAG - Transportes Aereos Guatemaltecos

Flights to/from Guatemala City

Flight to/from Flores, Peten Guatemala. (near Tikal archaeological site)

Southwest Airlines

Effective Nov. 7, 2021, Southwest intends to resume once daily nonstop service from Houston (Hobby).

Sun Country Airlines

Fights on weekends from Minneaopolis.

COPA Airlines

Update: Flights between Belize City and Panama will resume on June 2nd, 2021


No Flights available yet.

Air Canada

Service is currently suspended. 

*For information about the Belize International Airport, see our official guide.

What Hotels are open in Belize?

You must stay at approved Gold Standard accomodations if you are visiting for vacation only. Approved accommodations are those that have received the Gold Standard Certification. 

Recommended Hotels in Belize

These are the recommended hotels in Belize that will be open on or after the airport reopens. Hotels must have approved Gold Standard certification for accepting international guests when travel reopens.

Browse the full list of approved Safe Corridor Hotels that you can book for your next trip to Belize.

Tours & Activities

You are able to enjoy all tours and activities in Belize. Tour groups are reduced, and Gold Standard tour companies and tour guides have undergone comprehensive training to ensure health and safety. Most sites and attractions are open. You should expect slightly higher prices due to the added overhead of providing tours with reduced group sizes. The experience is the same as before. Most tours do not require masks except during the transportation to the site or attraction.

Top Things to Do in Belize

Browse a list of the most popular tours and attractions in Belize that you can book now for your next trip. These are bucket list tours that you must do in Belize.

Official Press Releases

Travel-related releases from the Government of Belize Press Office.

Will I be able to visit all sites and attractions?

Yes, to a certain extent. For tours and activities, you must also use an approved tour operator who has received the Gold Standard Certification. 

You may now use rental cars when you visit Belize. If you intend to visit sites and attractions on your own, you must submit details to your car rental agency. We recommend that you submit all the sites that you may want to visit.

As of May 15, The Institute of Archaeology, National Institute of Culture and History (IA/NICH) announced that most archaeological reserves are open to visitation.

Some caves will be open for visitation as of August 3rd, including the ATM Cave, Barton Creek Cave, and Nohoch Che'en Cave

Tours to sites and attractions MUST be arranged through your Gold Standard Hotel. Tour operators approved to conduct tours will be those that have achieved Gold Standard certification.

Connect with Locals on Facebook Groups

Ask questions and get recommendations from locals and fellow travelers in these Facebook groups:
Belize Vacation by
Ambergris Caye Tourists by Mangata Villas

Are Rental Cars Available?

Yes! As of October 19th you can rent vehicles from approved rental providers at the International Airport. You will be required to submit an itinerary, and a GPS device will be used to ensure that you restrict your travel to your itinerary. Transportation can also be provided through your hotel or approved Gold Standard transportation providers.

Are there any cases of Coronavirus in Belize?

Yes! As of May 12, 2021 there were 53 active cases in Belize. You can get the latest numbers from the Ministry of Health Facebook Page 

The government continues to take action to mitigate the spread including a daily nationwide curfew, strict mask mandate, closing ALL borders, and limiting social gatherings.

Official Advisories Booking Cancelations Closures & Event Cancelations

What is the Belize Gold Standard for Health & Safety

Belize had adopted a stringent set of standards that all hotels, tour operators, and transportation providers must follow before they are allowed to accept international guests. The Gold Standard Certificate of Recognition means that hotels, resorts, restaurants, and tour operations must develop and maintain sanitization and cleanliness standards before being approved to accept international guests.

Will I be denied entry into Belize?

The international airport is now open for travel

Who can travel to Belize?

Everyone is welcomed to travel to Belize. Otherwise, there are no restrictions or prohibitions on who may travel to Belize. The main requirement for entry is proof of a negative COVID-19 test result. Non-resident second homeowners and others with business concerns are equally allowed to visit. Homeowners should register as "resident" in the health app.

Are there restrictions for visitors from certain countries?

There are no restrictions with regards to the nationality of the visitors. Visitors from all countries are welcomed to visit. Everyone will be required to present a negative PCR Covid-19 test upon arrival, or take a rapid test at the port of entry unless they have proof of full immunization. Certain guidelines will be in place.

Will I need a Covid-19 Test to Travel to Belize?

Maybe! Unless you are fully vaccinated, everyone will be required to take a test and have a negative result to enter Belize. Visitors are encouraged to take a PCR test no more than 96 hours prior to your ARRIVAL in Belize, or a rapid antigen test no more than 48 hours before ARRIVAL. A pre-arrival test result will put you on the fast track processing at the airport. The time window starts from the time the test was taken (not when you receive your results).

If you do not have a valid negative test result before arrival, you will be required to take a rapid test at the airport health screening station. The cost of testing at the airport is $50 USD. Anyone not arriving as a tourist may be required to undergo testing at the airport.

Testing at the Philip Goldson International Airport is done via nasopharyngeal swabbing. You will be required to wait at the airport for your test results.

Will I be placed in quarantine?

Enhanced health screening will be in place at the airport. No quarantine is necessary to visit Belize as long as you have a negative test result. If you test positive upon arrival or while in the country, you will be required to enter a 14-day quarantine at your own expense.

Our best recommendation for leisure travel visitors is to get a negative PCR test within 96 hours of arrival or a rapid antigen test within 48 hours of arrival. This will fast-track your airport processing in Belize. If this is not possible, testing is available at the airport but you should plan for additional delays upon arrival to complete a rapid test. Keep in mind that if you test positive at the airport, your vacation will be spent in quarantine at your own expense. The land border entry requirements may differ from the airport entry requirements.

If you suspect that you may have been exposed to COVID-19 before traveling to Belize, we ask that you cancel your trip and not attempt to enter the country.

Please continue checking this web page and the official Government Press Office Facebook page for new updates.

Should I cancel my travel plans to Belize?

We hope you do not need to cancel. We're looking forward to sunny days ahead when you can visit Belize without restrictions. If you are sick or have been in contact with or close proximity to people who are infected, we ask that you please make the most responsible decision and cancel or postpone your travel plans. We encourage you to make the best decision for you and your family, while also considering the wellbeing of those around you, including those in the places you plan to visit.

If you have obvious symptoms on arrival into Belize or arrive from a restricted country, you may be placed in quarantine at your own expense, or denied entry to Belize altogether.

If you cannot travel due to restrictions out of your control, we encourage you to consider putting your bookings on hold for a later date and avoid cancellation or other fees that may be assessed. Contact your accommodation and other service providers for details. At this time, email or other online communication may be most effective due to the high volume of inquiries.

If you made a booking on, see here for more information.

Are cruise calls to Belize canceled?

Update: Belize prepares for the restart of cruise tourism. Read the press release here.
Thе Gоvеrnmеnt оf Веlіzе оffісіаllу аnnоunсеd on March 13th, 2020, thаt сruіѕе ѕhір саllѕ tо Веlіzе аrе bеіng ѕuѕреndеd аѕ а раrt оf еffоrtѕ tо соntаіn thе ѕрrеаd оf thе соrоnаvіruѕ.  The reopening of cruising to Belize is slated for phase 4 of the reopening plans. Belize is preparing for cruise tourism to resume.
  • NewNorwegian Cruise Line - the first test sail on August 4th, 2021. This will be followed by the official first guests to call on Harvest Caye on August 9th, 2021.
  • Carnival Cruise Line - all cruises suspended.
  • MSC Cruises - suspension of cruises extended.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises - suspension of sailings of their global fleet
  • Disney Cruise Lines - suspension of cruises extended 
  • Holland America - pause in operations extended
  • Cunard Line - pause in operations extended 
  • P&O - pause in operations extended

Cancelation and Refunds

Can I cancel my booking? enables direct booking with local licensed providers in Belize. Since your booking is direct with each service provider, you may be restricted by their cancelation policy. The main question is whether and how much refund you may get. In most cases, we believe you can get a full refund.

Contact the Service Provider First. We recommend messaging the service provider via your Belizing Inbox before canceling your booking. If YOU cancel the booking, then the refund policy of the service provider applies and no automatic refund may be provided. If the SERVICE PROVIDER cancels the booking, then you will always get a FULL refund. For this reason, we recommend communicating with the service provider first to ask if they agree to a full refund. If yes, ask them to initiate the cancelation from their Belizing Inbox.

Consider Changing your Date. We recommend considering a date change for your travel plans. Some cancelations may incur a fee or 3 to 30% depending on the policy from the service provider. There is no fee to change your travel dates. You must communicate with the service provider to agree on a new date or to hold your booking until you have confirmed new travel dates.

Check your Confirmation Email. Please check your booking confirmation email for the cancelation policy that applies to your booking. The email will include your voucher number, as well as the details of the cancelation timeline and fees that may apply. Check your junkmail folder if you cannot find the email. Please reference your voucher number when communicating with your service provider or staff. 

If you do not agree with any decision by the service provider, then staff can mediate to find a resolution. You can contact us directly at or message us on Facebook. We are here to help and we understand the frustration that this pandemic is causing to both travelers and tour companies alike.

How will my refund be processed?

All refunds for bookings made on or via Belizing Payments are automatically processed to your original form of payment. Once your refund is processed, it may take 5 to 10 business days for you to see it in your credit card statement. Refunds will show as a credit to your account.

Please do NOT dispute the charges. If you do not see the credit within 10 days, please contact us at

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is always a good idea for international travel. You should also check coverage offered by your credit cards used to pay for your bookings. However, if you’re purchasing it due to concerns related to COVID-19, be sure to read the policy carefully as rules may differ by company. Travel insurance may not widely cover cancellation or offer the travel flexibility you’re seeking. We recommend checking with your insurance provider to determine whether you are covered.

Still have Questions?

Join our Belize Vacation Facebook Group to ask questions or provide answers to questions from other Belize travelers and locals.

Closures & Cancelations

  • The BZE International airport reopened for travel on October 1st, 2020. All Land borders and sea ports will reopen for tourism by May 31, 2021.

  • MOST Archeological Sites are now OPEN for visitation. Caves remain closed.

  • The following caves opened for visitation starting August 3rd: ATM Cave, Nohoch Che'en, and Barton Creek. 

  • International and Domestic travel is now permitted.
*Find the most current press releases via the official Government of Belize Press Office Facebook page.

Important Links

As the coronavirus situation evolves around the world, we will provide regular updates from official sources to help you make informed decisions about your Belize travel plans.


October 1st. The airport reopened for international travel on October 1st. ALL land border entries ramain closed. Visit for the latest updates.
Travelers must stay at approved Gold Standard hotels when visiting Belize after October 1st, 2020. A full list is available at
Yes, Belize is Open! The international airport reopened on October 1st for leisure travel. All visitors must test negative for Covid-19 to visit Belize. Enhanced health screening is in place at the airport.
You will be required to take a COVID-19 test. There are NO restrictions on who can visit Belize for vacation. However, you must test negative for entry.
Yes, everyone entering Belize must take a COVID-19 test. You may take a PCR test up to 72 hours (3 days) before your arrival or a rapid test up to 48 hours (2 days) before arrival. You may also take a rapid test on arrival at the airport at a cost of $50 USD.
The land borders will reopen for tourism only on May 31, 2021. Anyone can exit Belize but only visitors traveling for vacation only may enter via the land borders. You must follow strict protocols and comply with testing requirements. Keep checking for the latest updates.
The app is now available on the Apple App Store. Search for the "Belize Travel Health" app. It is also available for Android devices as a direct download. Visit for more updates.
Yes, Americans can travel to Belize for leisure starting on October 1st. Belize will not impose any travel restrictions based on nationality. No quarantine is necessary to visit Belize.
Yes, you can stay at an Airbnb as long as the Airbnb property is a Gold Standard approved property. You can check out the full list of Gold Standard approved properties here.
Yes, you are allowed to stay with friends and family in Belize. Having a booking at a gold standard property is highly encouraged, but not strictly required unless you are visiting for "vacation only".
Yes, you may need to take a test when departing.
The CDC now requires all international air passengers to present a negative test done within 3 days when traveling to or transiting through the United States. This also applies to citizens and permanent residents of the United States, as well as all others who have a flight transiting through the USA. Testing is available in Belize at private medical facilities. The Belize government will also facilitate testing for travelers through specific testing sites throughout the country and at the airport.
If you are fully vaccinated, then you do NOT need to do a covid-19 test to visit Belize.